Propellerheads Reason Video Tutorial: WaveShaper Combinator Effect w/ Malström

In this new video tutorial titled To Waveshape the Future, Dubspot instructor and electronic music producer Chris Petti shows you how to create a WaveShaper Combinator effect patch from scratch using Propellerhead Reason‘s powerful synthesizers Malström and Thor. First, Petti starts with a fully-built WaveShaper effect patch plugged into to the output of Thor (which is generating an unprocessed sine wave) with a series of real-time controls mapped to Combinator. When the WaveShaper is engaged, the unprocessed sound is transformed dramatically. Then, in a step by step process, Petti demystifies the method he used to create the effect patch and shows you how to build your own WaveShaper effect from scratch, utilizing with a blank combinator patch. At the end of the tutorial you should have a good grasp of how to Wave Shape (process, bend, twist, or modify) any incoming sound and make the lead elements in your tracks more effective and lively.

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Check out this video interview with Dubspot instructor, Chris Petti on using Reason in  the classroom:

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  • Miah
  • 5/2/2011

Seems like you have to reach around your head to scratch your ear on this one. Cool results though, time to figure out how to do this in Live. Look like just racking up a Saturator will do it.

  • charlton jackson
  • 5/2/2011

I love Propellerhead sofware it change my life. I’m not in jail where if i kept moving in that direction i would’ve been in jail. Instead and bless to be with my family and be able to reach out to those who walk my wicket path and try to show them music is life. I’m working with some local people in my area and i feel happy to be able to help get people minds off at the moment with negativity and lets eat right think right and make music. I have some beats on my facebook page type in my name Charlton Jackson. You may have to stroll back a page, but check it out. All my beats i created and sampled has a Soundcloud logo on it. Hope everyone enjoy. I like this vid and i feel since Propellerhead my life right now and my best friend why not share some info about me. Peace and love to all.

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