Propellerhead Reason 5 Video Tutorials Pt 3: Production Tips + More

Here’s the latest roundup of the extremely useful video tutorial series for Propellerhead Record 5 and Record 1.5 by Propellerhead Software expert James Bernard. These video series are essential, if you’re currently using Reason, or are interested in learning the software’s production possibilities. Over the last ten months, Propellerhead and James Bernard have posted a brand new tutorial each week offering production tips and advice, showing us the features and functions of the program. Below, we have a couple of the latest videos covering topics such as EQ, compression, mixing and mastering, and more! We’ve also include our latest Reason tutorial from Dubspot Instructor, producer Chris Petti, here showing you how to create a whomp bass!

52 Reason / Record Tips – Week 41: Mid-Side Processing for Great Masters

When it comes to mastering, one of the hottest things right now is a technique known as “mid-side processing.” As a basic description, mid-side processing uses phase cancellation tricks to isolate the mono information in a mix (bass, vocal, kick drum) from the stereo items (guitars, keys, effects) and then lets you master them separately and recombine them for a very nice sounding master.

This week I brought in two special guests to help me design a mid-side mastering patch for you as well as to help describe the technical intricacies of how this is done. Be sure to visit the links in this video, download the patches, and visit the websites I mention.

52 Reason / Record Tips – Week 40: EQ Tips for the Best Mixes

The biggest irony for mix engineers is that mixing songs is not really about “mixing” at all. In fact, it’s often more about creating separation and unique space between tracks than it is about mixing things into one homogenous mush of sound. If done correctly, a properly EQ’d mix sounds clear and polished. The bass drum has punch and isn’t fighting with the bass guitar. The synths on the top end sparkle without detracting from the distorted guitar sound. If done incorrectly, a poorly EQ’d mix sounds like a jumble of instruments all fighting for the same sonic space (with none of them winning). This week we’ll cover how to approach EQ’ing tracks in your mix for the best results.

52 Reason / Record Tips – Week 39: Compression Tips for the Best Mixes

For many people, compressors are the biggest obstacle between them and a professional mix. But if you know how to use them, compressors are your best tool to achieve that professional mix. Most early interactions with compressors involve cranking them up until they sound horrible and then removing them – wondering why anyone would even want to use them in the first place. This week I’ll explain what a compressor’s actually doing and how to make it work the way you want.

How to Make a Dubstep Whomp Bass using Propellerhead Reason with Chris Petti

Dubspot instructor and Dubstep producer Chris Petti shows you how to make the infamous ‘dubstep whomp bass’ in Propellerhead Reason & Record. The sound which has been described by many as a processed voice or croaking sound, can be created using synthesizers and effects processors. Starting with a basic analog saw wave, which you can get by creating a Thor synthesizer with blank patches in the rack window, set the Keyboard Modes to mono and polyphony and release polyphony to 1. Go into the Show Programmer and set the Analog Osc octave knob to 3. Create a second Noise Osc and route it to Filter 1. With these two oscillators combine, you hear mixture of white noise and saw wave. Set the Low Pass Ladder Filter mode to 24 type 1, the frequency to 184 Hz, and the resonance to 93, and also zero-out the envelop amount (set to 0.) After these initial steps, create two Scream 4 Distortion units which should autoroute to Thor, follow Chris’ instruction on setting the Damage Control and Damage Type to get to fatten and warm up the sound, as well as shave off some harsh frequencies from the top.

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where is part 2 of the dubstep WHOMP BASS??????????