Propellerhead Reason 5 & Record 1.5 Now Out – 5 Reasons to GET IT

Yes, it is finally here! Propellerhead Reason 5 and Record 1.5 is out today, August 25! At noon, Central European Time, the latest version of Reason and Record will be available for sale and/or update everywhere!

Last week, reason announced “the beta testing is over, the manufacturing is completed and shipments of stylish software boxes are en route all over the world as this newsletter is being sent out.”

Head over to Propellerhead website to get updates or place your order.


5 Reasons To Get Excited (let us know what you’re looking forward to most in new updated Reason and Record)

Reason 5 ships with a massive sound bank loaded with fresh samples, loops and patches for all of Reason’s devices and instruments. Patches, loops, and samples for Kong Drum Designer and Dr.OctoRex coming from some incredible producers and musicians including Keith “Hank” Shocklee of legendary hip hop production unit Bomb Squad, Swedish techno masterminds Adam Beyer & Cari Lekebusch, musical director for The Black Eyed Peas Printz Board, tech house producer and DJ Sharooz Raoofi, and Swedish production team The Salazar Brothers.

Kong Drum Designer

Kong is a multifunctional drum design unit that allows for 16 different drum parts for each of the 16 different pads on its GUI. Sounds can be edited and shaped all-day. Kong also posses an arsenal of Support generators and FX processors geared towards shaping your drum sounds. Support generators will add additional body and tone to your drum sounds.

Live Sampling

This is an interesting concept; software samplers that actually record and sample audio. Live sampling is a new feature that places a Live Sampling button on every location where a .WAV or .AIF file can be loaded in on each of the sample playback devices (i.e. Redrum, NN-19, NN-XT, Kong, etc.) Live sampling will allow for two main functions:

1. To sample external audio through your audio interface in realtime (i.e. mic input)
2. To resample any piece, part or section of your tune


Neptune is a pitch device for audio in Record 1.5. It’s also an FX processor that you would add to an audio track as an insert effect. Overall, Neptune has three key functions:

1. Real-time Audio Transposer – This is pretty cut and dry; you have controls for the semitone shift and fine tune.
2. Real-time Pitch Correction – This function is a very welcome addition, as it detects notes in monophonic audio signals and/or tracks (e.g. vocals) that are off and corrects their pitch. It looks as though it will also allow for incoming MIDI notes to pull the pitches away from their root and correct it in a sliding and gliding real-time fashion. Hmm… feels like I’ve seen something like this before in a certain plug-in.
3. Voice Synth – This functionality allows for incoming MIDI chords to make duplicates of the audio to create what sounds like harmonies and backing parts. I was a big fan of a piece of hardware that did this years ago.

Dr. Octo Rex Loop Player

Dr. Rex Loop Player that has existed in Reason’s rack since version 1.0. This device will allow for 8 Rex loops to be loaded at once, and lots subsequent functionality. First, this will allow users to switch seamlessly through multiple similar Rex loops. An example of this would be with drum loop variations and fills. Second, slices can be edited far more extensively than with the Dr. Rex allowing for more mangling and masking abilities of Rex Loops.

  • Terrence
  • 8/25/2010

Wow! I’ve been using Motu BPM for a little over year now and love but these videos got me think about switching over to Reason 5. For some reason I’ve never given it a far shot but now its time to download the demo.