Propellerhead Reason 6.5 brings Extension Racks + Figure iOS App

Propellerhead Announce Reason 6.5

Earlier this week Propellerhead Software, creators of the popular Reason software package, held a press conference at the Musikmesse Convention in Frankfurt to announce the release of Reason 6.5 which will come as a free download to registered users this summer. Reason 6.5 will introduce Re Racks, a way for third-party developers to create instruments and effects for Reason. In addition to this, Propellerhead will be releasing Figure, an iOS application that builds upon Reason’s design and functionality.

Reason Re Rack Extesions

This is essentially Propellerhead’s answer to the long-standing demand for VST support within the Reason environment. In a move that seems to follow Apple’s structure, Propellerhead will be opening an online Rack Extensions Store where you can purchase / download rack devices that will run natively within Reason 6.5. Music software developers such as Sonic Charge, Softube, Korg, Sugar Bytes, GForce, and U-He are currently on-board to develop Reason Rack Extensions for Reason 6.5.

This is not another plugin format—Rack Extensions are full Reason rack citizens, giving you the same great experience as any other Reason device. Load them in Combinators, route cables on the back, automate all parameters, and experiment with the safety of undo. Browse all Rack Extensions in the Rack Extension Store and even download fully functional trial versions to load into your rack. Every Rack Extension you have purchased can be downloaded as many times as you need — for both Mac and Windows.Propellerhead SW

Propellerhead Figure – $1 iOS App

While Propellerhead are veterans of the iOS platform by way of their Rebirth App, it’s been a while since we’ve seen a mobile application from the company. With the introduction of Figure, Propellerhead have created an application that appeals to “short bursts of creativity,” according to the company. For $1, Figure looks and sounds (see above video) like a very nice addition to your iOS arsenal. The application is currently in approval process with Apple and we speculate it may be available for purchase in the next week or so.

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