Preview ‘Mala in Cuba’! The Deep Medi Head Finds New Inspiration w/ Gilles Peterson

“This is the record that reevaluates and realigns the dubstep movement within sound system culture.” Gilles Peterson

Bass music pioneer and Deep Medi founder, Mala, has been making tropical waves this week as we catch news of his latest album – Mala in Cuba. In May 2011 the acclaimed low end theorist traveled to Havana, Cuba with Brownswood boss Gilles Peterson to record and collaborate with local musicians. The results are documented on his album – simply titled ‘Mala in Cuba’ – scheduled for release on 10th September 2012. The album will be preceded by a 12” featuring ‘Cuba Electronic’ and ‘Calle F’ released on 6th August 2012.

‘Cuba Electronic’ b/w ‘Calle F’ 12″ released 6th August 2012 on Brownswood Recordings

Fact Mag got a chance to chat with Mala about the new album:

“I was a little bit unsure about it, to be honest with you,” Mala told FACT last night when asked about the project’s beginnings. “It felt way out of my comfort zone. You must understand – I’m pretty low-key, I do my thing in a particular way, and I’m happy doing things that way, because it’s right for me. But when Gilles approached me it did seem like a serious offer – you know, I’ve had many offers over the years from a vast range of many different people and companies to do all kinds of projects, but usually I shy away them because they don’t feel right. Something about this felt right.”

Calle F’ b/w ‘Cuba Electronic’ 12″ released 6th August 2012 on Brownswood Recordings

Mala, real name Mark Lawrence, is one of modern electronic music’s most forward-thinking and progressive figures. As a founding member of pioneering dubstep duo Digital Mystikz along with Coki, Mala’s been at the forefront of recent underground club music in the UK and around the world. He’s played a pivotal role in the development of the genre we know today as dubstep.