Film Screening: PressPausePlay (Moby, Shocklee, Robyn +) @ Dubspot

Friday, October 21st at 4PM, we’ll have the great pleasure of offering a free screening of the award-winning documentary PressPausePlay, right here at Dubspot NYC.(RSVP here).  Over the last decade, a revolution in digital media and technology has irrevocably altered the creative playing field. Through out PressPausePlay, Swedish filmmakers David Dworsky and Victor Köhler ask the question: “Does democratized culture mean better art, film, music and culture? Is it cultural democracy, or mediocrity?”

This question is posed to over a dozen influential figures to emerge in the digital age. Among those featured and of particular Dubspot interest are Moby, Robyn, Hank Shocklee of the The Bomb Squad, Brenda Walker, Lykke Li, and Olafur Arnalds.

Rather than finding a neat, clean answer to a question that will undoubtedly plague and delight artists and audiences for the next century, the film lets the audience experience both a range of optimism and concern. These differing opinions create a dynamic picture of digital media landscape in the 21st century, putting a certain responsibility on the artist and creator for their own relationship to technology today.

Watch the trailer for the film above, and be sure to check out excerpts of a few interviews below. If you are unable to attend our screening, the film’s online distributor Film Buff has provided a list of online viewing option on their site, where interactive features like access to the extras and the film’s soundtrack are available while viewing.

The first interview featured below is with Gerhard Behles of Ableton Live, an undisputed force in revolutionizing music production. Next up is previous Dubspot guest Mary Ann Hobbs, who has been instrumental in providing a platform to underground, futurist electronic music artists. Lastly, check out Nick Sansano, Sonic Youth co-producer and professor in Recorded Music Production at NYU-Tisch.

PressPausePlay Interview w/ Gerhard Behles of Ableton Live

PressPausePlay Interview w/ Marry Ann Hobbs

PressPausePlay Interview w/ Nick Sansano