Pioneer’s New CDJ-900 Overview

In this video, Lars Schlichting of DVJ Vision shows off some of the new features on Pioneer’s new CDJ-900 (which are also contained on the new CDJ-2000s).  With the ability to connect multiple CDJs together at once, and use a single hard drive, USB stick, or ipod to carry your tunes, these new players represent the next level portability for DJs everywhere – all in addition to a variety of other new goodies.

The video also details the functionality of the new display and library, which allows you to sort by playlist, artist, album, or track name, with alphabetical, album, bpm, and date of release sortability within each of those primary categories.  It also saves a history of songs played, so if a previous set was rocking you can check out your playlist from that night days later.  Color codes, tagging, waveforms, quantizing loops, MIDI controller functionality, are detailed as well.

Part 2 coming soon…