Dubspot Interview: UK Dance Music Pioneer – Pete Tong (BBC Radio 1 / Essential Selection)

Internationally-renowned DJ, broadcaster, and producer Pete Tong stopped by Dubspot for an interview while in New York City recently and talked about the earliest days of his career DJing, writing, working at a gas station, and getting invited to start his own weekly show on BBC Radio 1. Pete Tong’s Essential Selection began airing in 1991 on BBC Radio 1, showcasing the latest in electronic dance music. He also told us about moving to New York City to become A&R manager for London Records and working with popular 1980s hip hop groups like Run-D.M.C. and Salt-N-Pepa; learning how to produce radio while working at WBLS; soaking up club culture and dance music at nightclubs like Paradise Garage and Danceteria; his role in exposing UK audiences to US dance music in the 1980s and helping put together the groundbreaking compilation The House Sound of Chicago; important transition points in global electronic and dance music culture; and moving from vinyl and turntables to CDJs and finally to digital DJing with Traktor. He also talked about his own entry into electronic music production, his massive single “Dawn” which was a collaboration with S.Y.F. of Azari & III, and offered some great advice for young DJs and producers.