On Tour w/ Badawi in Japan – From Unit Club to Japanese Toys (Tokyo / Osaka / Tohoku)

Dubspot instructors are indeed much more than human software manuals and insightful critics, they are talented musicians, DJs, and performers who travel the globe to play festivals and night clubs. In this latest episode of On Tour, Dubspot instructor and dub champion Raz Mesinai (a.k.a. Badawi) travels to Japan to perform at Tokyo’s Unit Club and see some of the country’s beautiful sights.

In the second installment of On Tour, Dubspot instructor, composer and electronic music producer Raz Mesinai (a.k.a. Badawi) traveled to Japan to perform at Unit Club in Tokyo and help commemorate the first anniversary of the earthquake and tsunami in Tohoku, which had struck exactly one year before. Raz took a camera along to record his visit and what’s presented here is an exciting road report that includes a visits to manga comic book stores, Japanese toys, sake bars, gambling, observing, protests, a trip to the cyberpunk lover’s paradise known as Shibuya, and much more!


Raz Mesinai is a multi-instrumentalist, composer, producer, filmmaker, and Dubspot instructor. His latest project, a film titled Tunnel Vision is currently available on Netflix and Amazon for streaming and has been released through the avant-garde and experimental imprint Tzadik. You can check out the trailer below.

In 2012, Raz Mesinai, obsessed with researching and recording the acoustics of ancient subterranean tunnels, assembled a production team and went deep inside one of the oldest underground mines in Europe, dating back thousands of years.