On Tour w/ Abe Duque – KaZantip Republic: Electronic Dance Music Festival in Ukraine

Dubspot instructors are much more than human software manuals, they are talented musicians, DJs, and performers who travel the world to perform at festivals, night clubs, and parties on Eastern European beaches. In our latest episode of On Tour, Dubspot instructor Abe Duque explores the KaZantip festival in Ukraine.

In the first episode of On Tour, Dubspot instructor, DJ, and producer Abe Duque takes us on a trip to one of the most unique electronic dance music festivals in the world: KaZantip Republic. KaZantip takes place in Ukraine’s Crimean peninsula 5-6 weeks in the summer with more than 150,000 people (or “paradiZers”) attending each year. Abe Duque took a camera along for the trip to capture the sights, sounds, experiences, and people he encountered along the way. He also offers some great advice for traveling, sound-checking and preparing for your set or performance.