Oddisee (Mello Music Group) @ Dubspot: Video Interview – MCing, Production & Sampling +

Dubspot catches up with the keenly observational MC and hip hop producer Oddisee for a look into his inspirations, daily workflow, and what it took to become satisfied with his own music.

Oddisee (born Amir Mohamed el Khalifa) is a hip hop producer and MC who has forged a unique sound; his observational slice-of-life lyrics and soulful beats have graced the mixtapes and tracks he has been producing since 2005. Mohamed grew up in Prince George’s County, Maryland (near Washington D.C.), and many of his pieces reflect cultural influences from this area. Recently the producer has been working in Brooklyn and London, which have both provided new inspiration and depth for his music. While in NYC, Dubspot caught up with Oddisee to talk about his early work with Ensoniq’s ASR-X sampler, his daily production workflow and work ethic, and what it took to become satisfied with his own music.

I said to myself, I have to meet my own standards. So I asked myself, who are my five favorite producers? …I have to be as good as or better than my own listening preferences before I expect anyone else to like my music. ‘Cause if I’m not as good as what I like to listen to, why should I expect anyone else to like what I’m doing? - Oddisee

Press Release / Biography: Oddisee is an MC/producer currently recording for Mello Music Group and splitting his time between Brooklyn, Washington, D.C. and London. As a member of the Low Budget Crew, Diamond District, and as a solo artist, he has released more than ten records with various labels. His work has been used by ESPN during the NBA finals and in commercials, and in sound bites for Adult Swim, DC Shoes, and Quiksilver. Oddisee’s Odd Spring mixtape was listed on the Washington Post’s “Best Local Hip Hop Mixtapes” of 2010. His mixtape Rock Creek Park was ranked as a “Mixtape of the Week” by Stereogum.