Novation DICER & Traktor Video | Cue-Points, Loops, Effects

Dubspot Instructor and Native Instruments product specialist Mike Henderson aka DJ Endo gives us a brief, dynamic performance on Traktor Pro using Novation’s DICER, a new controller (which sits directly on your turntable, CD player or laptop) that allows easy access to cue point (add, delete, and jump to cue-points in real-time) and looping controls, and triggering effects like Beatmasher, which captures short loops and mashing them up. Check out the video, read the article, and let us know if you have questions by leaving a comment below!

Mike Henderson aka DJ Endo is a DJ and product specialist for Native Instruments and lives in Brooklyn. Listen to his mixes on SoundCloud, follow him on Twitter, & find him on Facebook.

  • Priscilla
  • 11/4/2010

Excellent example of how to use Dicers. Endo does a good job of not going over the top with the juggling and beat masher, Just good composition.

Nice Work.

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[...] Novation Dicer & Traktor Video: Cue Points, Loops, & Effects [...]