Jamie XX Remixes Nosaj Thing + Shortstuff + Balkansky

Shortstuff — “Regression” (Wigflex, Nov. 2010)

Why Shortstuff called this track “Regression” is a bit mysterious, considering it sounds more like progress. If this became the standard amount of work for bass music featuring melodies, it would represent a good step forward. He sets the pace with loping kicks circled by skittery highs and crunchy snaps, all traveling on top of springing bass patterns that switch up quite a bit. But the poignant and persistent melodicness are what makes this track exceptional. It’s based around a small collection of loops, but is kept stimulating by means of counterpoints in the basslines and the harmonic introduction of new sections, which are layered over cooperatively before taking over the limelight entirely. Deep xylophones and dub effects keep the mood heavy while passionate synths pine for broader horizons. The synths get a little looser than the rest as he dusts a couple new surprising notes about the composition, resulting in big effect. This track was released last month on Wigflex. - MS

Balkansky — “Jandub (DubKraft, Oct. 2010)”

An ominous atmosphere is attained by means of an armored sound scheme in this tale. The beat revolves around hazy, waste barrel drums filled with hacked breaks of swirling rim shots and high hats. Dread inducing bass forces the listener rapidly along this hectic winter gray path. Sonar blips seek the location of alien morse code in between sections of latchy polyrhythms. Droning guitars and fire barrel-side guitar serenade loops make appearances later on. All throughout this treacherous journey, little variations are added and dropped, further avoiding a monotony that this complex tale confronted straight out of the gate. Balkansky‘s “Jandub” was featured on the Adult Bass Music Vol. 1 (Midtempo Edition) compilation released in October by the Spanish DubKraft Records. – MS

Nosaj Thing — “Fog (Jamie XX Remix)”

Jamie xx plays the mad scientist experimenting with time, watching with a detached curiosity while the world changes about him as a result of his tests. Strange things begin washing ashore unnoticed as he twiddles the knobs of his fresh discovery. Brass shells glitter from a changing colored sun while the deep rhythms of the Earth begin undulating with a swagger. It’s not until a frothing wave of bass grows towering in lurches and casts a dark shadow over the warm contentedness of the track that danger is revealed as easily discoverable. Jamie is known for his individualized mutations of garage and 2 step, but this track sees his plans tilt closer to dubstep. Download this for free and use it to get amped for Nosaj Thing tonight in Brooklyn. – MS