Nosaj Thing + Mary Anne Hobbs = Music Hall of Williamsburg

[MAH drops the new Photek dubplate.]

Mary Anne Hobbs‘s characteristic enthusiasm was on full display this Friday as she showered New York with compliments, telling the crowd gathered at the Music Hall of Williamsburg for the Mean Red party that she loved the city so much that she might just move here. It’s more than likely that she tells LA the same thing, but who cares?

She started her set off with Pinch’s “Croydon House“, an exploration of creepy house music made with an mid- ’90s Metalheadz sound palette. The following two hours consisted of a surprisingly familiar collection, considering ‘The Queen’ has likely had her petite fingers on nearly every dubstep track before it was pressed to vinyl. Whether it was Kode 9′s “You Don’t Wash“, Joy Orbison’s “Hyphy Mngo” or Breakage’s “Hard“, most of the tunes were easily accessible to the average person in the crowd. But everyone seemed pleased, they got their bassfaces on, and were vocal about their excitement. The big wobblers and bassline joints seemed to get the biggest reaction, but a notable point was when Hobbs stopped the music to drop a late ’90s hip hop classic, Pharaoh Monch’s “Simon Says“. (“Simon” also got its shine at a recent Swamp 81 party in Brooklyn recently, so it’s now one UK deejay shy of a ‘trend’.) In the end, it was her encore that was the biggest part of the show, when she decided she might as well bless the crowd with one final track – a new Photek dubstep dubplate.

While the floor was packed for Ms. Hobbs, there was still a comfortable amount of wiggle room. The same can’t be said for Nosaj Thing‘s performance, which saw a crowd packed so tightly a walrus would get jealous. It makes sense that beat music would hit Brooklyn harder, being that it’s closer to home and a more direct part of our musical history. His visual show also couldn’t have hurt, which gave him a Mothra-sized presence on stage and came courtesy of Fair Enough. Unfortunately, some cock-blocking security and door people kept this writer from witnessing most of it. But Brooklyn photographer Chris Doss caught 18 minutes worth of video footage revealing an impressive show. - MS