NI’s Komplete 8 Video Tutorial: Sound Design w/ Guitar Rig 5 + Maschine

In the second installment of our tutorial series highlighting the exciting updates and additions to Native Instruments’ comprehensive producer bundle Komplete 8 and Komplete 8 Ultimate. Dubspot instructor and NI’s product specialist Matt Cellitti showcases Guitar Rig 5 as a dedicated effects unit, which is something that NI have been making a conscious effort to do in recent years. While Guitar Rig is most obviously known for having great guitar amp models and classic guitar effects, the program also has tons of unique sound design possibilities with other instruments like synths, drums, and vocals.

Cellitti focuses on the the new effects, specifically loading them within the new Container module. The container is just a housing unit for more effects, but the power lies in its easy-to-control interface. With only 8 knobs or buttons, you can have multiple parameters assigned to one single control, allowing you to do some insane tweaking and knob-fiddling. I especially love how all of the Container’s controls are immediately accessible from within Maschine when GR5 is loaded up as an effect plugin. The ease of use controlling the parameters inside of Maschine will open up lots of possibilities for interesting automation controls and/or live performance.

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  • NeSumMC
  • 9/6/2011

Big Up to Dupspot for their approach to the students! Software is kool, no doubt about it…