NI’s Komplete 8: Kontakt 5 + Maschine Video Tutorial – Filters, Effects, Timestretching

Native Instruments’ Komplete software package has become an industry standard for many electronic music producers. The robust package is getting an overhaul with the much anticipated release of  Komplete 8. In this new tutorial, Dubspot instructor and Native Instruments product specialist Matt Cellitti shows off some of the incredible features in NI’s brand-new Kontakt 5, which comes as part of  Komplete 8. Cellitti explains that many of these features have remained unchanged since Kontakt version 2 – so it was time for a proper update. Kontakt 5 brings new filters, effects, time-stretching capabilities, and more to an already robust sampler.

Many people look at Kontakt and just play the instrument presets provided without ever going “under the hood” and creating their own instruments. Kontakt is such a powerful sampler that you can use it for radical sound design and to re-invision loops via time-stretching and effect processing. I really like that Dubspot teaches these techniques in the Sound Design and Synthesis course so that the students can learn to harness the full power of this beast! I also wanted to show off the fantastic new Time Machine Pro feature while loading Kontakt as a plugin inside of Maschine. Tons of Maschine users really want timestretching in Maschine and now they have a valid option by using Kontakt 5. I stretched the Funky Drummer loop down about 15 BPM, while maintaining the original pitch, and then quickly and easily re-sampled it right into Maschine.

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