Turntablism Extensive Program w/ DMC 2009 World Champ DJ Shiftee

At Dubspot we’re continually expanding and updating our curriculum, all to maintain our reputation and position as the most complete and cutting-edge center for DJ training in the world.  Today, we are happy to announce the release of our new turntablism programs and levels (3-6!), designed by our resident 1-2 master … DJ Shiftee, the 2009 DMC World Champion.


Turntablism Extensive (Levels 1 - 6) – Turntablism is the art of manipulating turntables like an instrument.  If you can control a turntable, you can control any sound that has ever been recorded.  The SKILLS students learn in the Turntablism program will serve as a way to set themselves apart from other DJs.  Starting with the fundamentals of “Scratching” and “Beat Juggling,” the program will focus on proper technique, optimal practice habits, creative exploration, group work, applications, and full blown turntablist sets.  Turntablism will allow students to interact with music on a deeper level and completely reshape songs live rather than simply playing them.  $1495 >> Register

Turntablism Foundations (Levels 1 & 2)The Turntablism beginner package will give students a solid technical foundation in Turntablism as well as several tools for personal advancement beyond the classroom.  Techniques will be broken down individually with an emphasis on repetition and thorough understanding.  Students will also be responsible for original compositions and thus learn how to apply their new skills to their own DJ sets.  $495 >> Register


Level 1: Spice FoundationsBegin to explore the turntable’s potential as a musical instrument. This course seeks to give students a working vocabulary of fundamental scratching and beat juggling techniques. Learn Scribbles, Chops, Transforms, Chirps, Backspinning, and more.  Final project: 8 Bar scratch routine and The Backspinning Challenge!!!

Level 2: Boot Camp & Tasty Combos In Turntablism 2, our goal is increase the ease with which we perform our techniques.  An emphasis will be placed on drills and optimal practice habits.  Students will be asked to create their own scratch combinations on a weekly basis.  New techniques will include the 1-click flare, crabs and breaking a beat down.  Final project: 1 minute turntablism routine.

Level 3 : Mild - Improvisation & TeamworkPracticing with and learning from other turntablists is essential to personal progress.  Thus Turntablism 3 will focus on peer to peer interaction.  Jam sessions, student-led classroom Q &A’s, and group compositions will all be features of the class.  New techniques will include drumming, orbits, and “the 1-2 pattern.”  Final project: 2 minute TEAM turntablism routine.

Level 4: Medium - The Next Level Turntablism 4 will attack the next level of creating technique combinations, including chirp-flares, chirp-orbits, tear flares, and crab variations.  We will also go more in-depth into beat juggling, introducing the chase, double-ups, and triple ups.  Final project: 2 minute turntablism routine.

Level 5: Hot - Building RoutinesHow do you make an impactful routine?  This is the question we will focus on in Turntablism 5.  Students will be responsible for the weekly creation of new routines, both scratching and beat juggling.  Peer to peer and instructor feedback will aide the ongoing composition process.  Final project: 4 one-minute turntablism routines.

Level 6: Mucho Caliente - The Modern TurntablistTurntablism 6 will teach students the techniques of modern day turntablism.  Boomerangs, Delete Flares, Swing Flares, Autobahns, and more!  Furthermore, instructors will work hands on to critique and help improve student routines.  Final project: 6 minute turntablism “DMC” style routine.

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