New Shiftee Routine – ‘Keep It 100′ + Moonrise Festival Promo Mix

The latest Shiftee Routine utilizes Traktor and Maschine called “Keep it 100.” We asked Shiftee a few questions about the routine and some tracks he’s feeling as of late. Check out the full Moonrise Promo Mix tracklist and stream below.

What do you look for in a track that makes you want to create a routine from it?

Shiftee: First, I usually have to connect to the tune in some way.  Something about the track has to grab my attention and make me want to add my own touch to it.  Second, the track typically needs to have samples and sections that are distinct from the full on drop.  Keep It 100, for example, has a clear “keep it 100″ vocal sample along with a bunch of other combinations of instrumentation, so I was able to experiment with different textures and techniques.

The section around :35 with the ring mod/flanger type effect was really cool. Can you run down what effect you used for that and the settings?

I used Traktor’s normal Flanger in Group Mode – just the single effect turned on,  Dry/Wet all the way wet, flanger knob all the way to the left for slowest rate.

It seems as if finger drumming is a major feature of your routines now just as much as scratching and turntablism. How has this expanded the creative possibilities of your routines?

I always try to push myself to do more, and pad drumming has allowed me to try to be more of a one man band.  I can now attempt to make every aspect of the routine hands on.  What happens if I go for this scratch with that drum pattern.  Or how can I use scratching in a more controlled fashion in service of a beat?  Or which techniques normally separate can I do at the same time?

Can you tell us a bit about Moonrise Festival?

Moonrise Festival was very fun.  The weather was great, and the vibes were right, so to speak!  My job was to play in between all the bands on the live stage, so it was a fun challenge to win over people who weren’t necessarily there to see me.  Got to see a lot of internet homies IRL too!

How did you go about selecting tracks for this mix?

My taste can get very menacing & dark, so I tried to keep the palette a bit brighter and more fun for this mix.  There are still some very dirty beats, but the overall sound is melodic while still having a bit of swagger.

What are your top 5 tracks to play out now?

Danny Brown – Handstand
Cakes Da Killa – Hunger Pangs/Livin Gud Eatin Gud (Siyoung Remix)
Swindle & Joker – Let It Be Known
Rhymester – B-Boy Ism (Habanero Posse Remix)
Neana – Yeezus

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Shiftee – Moonrise Festival Promo Mix

1. Grandtheft & Keys N Krates – Keep It 100 // Shiftee LIVE Edit
2. Darq E Freaker – Minger
3. G Jones – Move Around // “Move” Scratch
4. S-Type – Franco
5. Boeboe & Subp Yao – Clapping // “I’ve Got Plans” Scratch
6. Swizzymack – Bump
7. Drake – 0 to 100
8. Two Fresh – To The Top // “Real Quick” Scratch
9. Trippy Turtle – Trippy’s Theme (TWRK Remix ft. Spank Rock) // “I’m The Hottest ’round” Scratch
10. Siyoung – I Run This Dub
11. DJ Clent – Twerk Girl ft. Beadz
12. Y2KOALA – Stayyy Flyyy
13. Duck Sauce – Spandex (Big Dope P Remix)
14. Rustie – Attak ft. Danny Brown
15. Rude Kid – School Bell // “Cheeeeck” Scratch
16. Gucci Mane – Pacman (Bleep Bloop Remix)
17. Hudson Mohawke – Chimes
18. Wiz Khalifa – We Dem Boyz (JayCeeOh, Bonics, & B-Sides Remix)
19. HYDRABADD – Crystal Mist
20. Mattwizard – Judge Reinhold // “Yasssss” Scratch
21. Swindle & Joker – Let It Be Known // Shiftee LIVE Edit –
22. Two Fresh – Blimpus (Starkey Remix)
23. Salva – Drop That Bitch ft. Kurupt, Schoolboy Q, Problem, Bad Lucc

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