New Pioneer CDJ’s as Traktor Controllers

One of the great things about the new CDJ-900 & CDJ-2000s from Pioneer is that they can be used as controllers for DVS systems, so when you walk into a club outfitted with these new decks, theres no need to even use control CDs anymore.

In this video, Mike Henderson, aka DJ Endo, shows how to use the Pioneer CDJ-900 (and thus the CDJ-2000 since the functional details for this purpose are the same) as an HID controller for Traktor Pro.  See Mike show how to easily load tracks, use cue points, set loops and change their length, adjust tempo, and more.

  • Traktor Pro Tutorials | Music News And Information
  • 4/6/2010

[...] Using Pioneer CDJ 900′s as an HID Traktor Controller…or-controller/ [...]

  • DJ Hire Manchester
  • 4/6/2010

I must admit i would love to own a set off CDJ 900s! they really are a fantastic bit off equipment! on the downside it would probably take me about a year to figure out how to use them! i also love using traktor pro i def def prefer it to virtual DJ!! I hope 1 day i can earn about 1500 quid to buy a set!!! Cool post! il bear this blog in mind! i no people that dont no how to use traktor this would be a great help!

  • SonicBass
  • 4/6/2010

Cool video, traktor is defo the way forward. could do with an iphone app for it though