Maschine Sampling Video Tutorial Pt. 1: Recording Samples w/ WireTap Studio

In this first part of a tutorial series on sampling with Native Instruments Maschine, product specialist Matt Cellitti introduces us to some creative sampling techniques using Maschine and a digital recording application called WireTap Studio.

In this Maschine video tutorial, Native Instruments product specialist Matt Cellitti demonstrates some creative sampling techniques using Maschine and a digital recording application called WireTap Studio by Ambrosia. Using WireTap Studio, Matt captures audio from the internet and then chops up the recorded samples to create loops that can be further manipulated in Native Instruments’ Maschine. Taking a portion of sound and reusing it to create something fresh has come a long way since the birth of hip-hop in the 1970s when DJs and producers used turntables and vinyl records to repeat breaks and intros from songs to create new and different music. With these methods, you can begin to master the art of sampling. In part two, Matt takes us through his methods of organizing samples and instruments inside Maschine.


Maschine Sampling Video Tutorial Pt. 2: Organizing Samples


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  • Sampling w/ NI’s Maschine Pt 2: Organizing Samples Video Tutorial | Dubspot Blog
  • 4/4/2011

[...] Check out Sampling with Maschine Part 1 – Native Instruments + WireTap [...]

  • imsplitbit
  • 4/4/2011

OMG where do I get that sweet maschine wallpaper? Great lesson btw. Oddly enough I had a copy of WireTap Pro that was bundled in a software bundle I bought and never installed it. This little adventure cost me NOTHING. Thanks a ton!!!