Native Instruments Absynth Video Tutorial: Sound Design w/ Aetherizer

Dubspot Instructor and Sound Design & Synthesis guru Heinrich Zwahlen takes you on a journey into the wonderful world of Native Instruments Absynth in this tutorial video. Heinrich offers tips and techniques for utilizing the Aetherizer filter effect, a powerful transformation tool you can use to morph raw signals or dull sounds into something richer, harmonic, ethereal, or whatever mood you’d like create. In a step by step process, he demonstrates the Aetherizer creative and transformative possibilities, by morphing a dry Saw tooth into complete harmonic material; in other words, turning grains into harmonic scales. By the end of this tutorial, you should be able to navigate the parameters of the Aetherizer effect, from applying the rate of grains, randomizing pitch, controlling the length and duration of the grains to feedback, quantizing, and controlling the filter frequency. Now, it’s time to blast off; go forth and synthesize harmonic and padded sounds from grains!

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  • Ndia
  • 2/3/2011

Great video! Looking forward to messing around with Absynth.