Dubspot NAMM 2016 Coverage Day 1

NAMM 2016 is officially underway and Day 1 brings some impressive new gear. Meet Korg’s Minilogue Polyphonic Analog Synthesizer, Roland’s A-01 MIDI Controller and System-500 Modular Synthesizer, Waldorf’s Eurorack Pack and KB37 Modular Keyboard, all new UAD plug-ins, and the ROLI Seaboard RISE 49 Controller.


Korg Minilogue | Polyphonic Analog Synthesizer


One of the biggest announcements at NAMM 2016 so far is Korg’s new Minilogue polyphonic synthesizer. Designed by Korg designer Tatsuya Takahashi, the Minilogue offers four voices, 37 keys, an oscilloscope display, a 16 step polyphonic and motion sequencer, multiple sound shaping and filter options, on board tape-style delay, and a modern wood and metal finish. Read more at Korg

Roland A-01 | MIDI Controller + Sound Generator

Roland revealed a new addition to its family of music-making gear. The all new A-01 is a powerful pocket module controller with a built-in sound engine and MIDI conductivity to drive your analog gear. This flexible controller and sound generator is a one-stop solution. The A-01 module offers multiple connectivity options for every MIDI format from legacy MIDI synths with standard MIDI IN/OUT sockets to your favorite DAW software on a Mac or PC using a USB MIDI jack. This portable unit is also equipped with MIDI over Bluetooth that allows for production work on a tablet, smartphone or computer. The A-01 is also a battery powered pocket synthesizer that echoes the concept of the Roland Boutique family. Read more at Roland


Roland System-500 Complete Set | Modular Synthesizer


Roland is making waves in the modular world with their announcement of the System 500 Complete Set. Based on the legendary SYSTEM-700 and SYSTEM-100M, the SYSTEM-500 Complete Set introduces a range of fully analog Eurorack modules complete with classic Roland oscillators, filters, envelopes, and effects that can easily integrate into any existing Eurorack setup. Each module is housed in a durable case equipped with top-quality patch cables, and a high capacity power supply. The SYSTEM-500 is great for those just entering the world of modular synthesis or are looking to expand their current Eurorack system. Read more at Roland


Waldorf Eurorack Pack | Modular Series

Renowned synthesizer developer Waldorf Music has unveiled a new ‘Eurorack Pack’ self-contained modular synth system to complement the already available nw1 Wavetable Module launched last year. Meet the dvca1, comp1, and the mod1.

The dvca1 Dual VCA Module is built around two VCAs with a wide range of options including the most important one: the ability to musically colour the signal. Starting in dry mode, you get high-precision analog amplification.

The comp1 Compressor Module is a high-end analogue compressor that not only adds punch to your signal, but it also can be modulated in intriguing and unconventional ways. Features include attack and release controls, automatic and manual modes, hard and soft knee as well as output gain and bleed amount of the original signal.

The mod1 Module features three different modulation sources in one module making it the control center for your modular patch.
From simple envelopes and LFOs to complex looped multi-stage curves, the mod1 delivers rich and endless modulation options based on pure analogue circuitry.

Read more at Waldorf


Waldorf KB37 | Modular Keyboard + Eurorack Enclosure

Waldorf kb37

Waldorf rolled out another compact instrument this year. The kb37 is a rugged performance instrument perfect for both studio and stage. It can house up to 100 HP of modules in its angled panel located above on top the high-quality Fatar TP9 keyboard. This new instrument features a 16-bit CV interface, programmable MIDI channels, a full-size 37-note keyboard that transmits velocity and aftertouch, control elements such as pitch and mod wheels, and is compact making it easy to transport. Read more at Waldorf


Universal Audio | New Plug-ins From Softube, Sonnox, and Brainworx

Universal Audio announced three new direct developer plug-ins for UAD hardware and Apollo interfaces to their legendary collection of high-quality plug-ins. The upcoming UAD Software v8.5 will include the Brainworx bx_digital V3 EQ Collection, Sonnox Oxford Envolution, and the exclusive Marshall JMP 2203 Guitar Amplifier, developed by Softube. Read more at Universal Audio

Marshall JMP 2203 Guitar Amplifier

Developed by Softube exclusively for UAD-2 and Apollo interfaces, the Marshall JMP 2203 Guitar Amplifier Plug-In is an expert emulation of the legendary ultra-flexible 100-watt amplifier used by everyone from Iron Maiden and Slayer, to Jeff Beck and My Bloody Valentine. All Marshall plug-ins include UA’s Unison technology; Apollo user’s guitar pickups will see the exact impedance load as if they’re plugged into a vintage Marshall amp — a feature found only on Apollo audio interfaces.

Marshall JMP 2203


Sonnox Oxford Envolution

Developed by Sonnox, the Oxford Envolution is a frequency-dependent envelope shaper that can add presence/distance to drums, piano, guitar, and any other percussive content. With separate transient and sustain sections, the Envolution can radically modify the sound of sources, boosting sustain for added ambience or cutting it for quick, precise gating.

Sonnox Oxford Envolution


Brainworx bx_digital V3 EQ

The Brainworx bx_digital V3 EQ Collection is a dramatic reimagining of the popular bx_digital V2 EQ plug-in — a state-of-the-art mastering EQ and M/S (mid/side) processor and indispensable tool for many of the world’s top mixing, mastering, and post-production engineers.

The bx_digital V3 EQ adds a Dynamic EQ section, radically updated filters, and a new proportional Q mode to the already powerful M/S capabilities of the plug-in. New user-friendly features also include Gain Scale and three tones of focus for the onboard Bass and Presence ‘Shifters’.

bx_digital V3


ROLI Seaboard RISE 49 | MIDI Controller

Music creation startup ROLI has revealed the Seaboard RISE 49, a four­-octave model of its multi-­award­-winning Seaboard RISE controller. This innovative MIDI controller features pressure-sensitive keywaves take the place of keys on a traditional keyboard, three sensor faders that let you fine-tune the responsiveness of the surface to touch, MIDI over Bluetooth, and a custom-made Soft Case. Read more at ROLI


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