Mutek 2012: Montreal’s International Festival of Digital Creativity & Electronic Music

This is a great time of year for festivals in North America. Just after the celebration of Detroit’s techno heritage comes another annual festival of electronic music and art – Montreal’s highly-regarded MUTEK festival which runs from May 30 to June 3, 2012. Heading into it’s 13th year, this five day event brings “a marathon journey through the world of digital arts and electronic music.” With headliners such as Jeff Mills, Monolake and Shackleton, this event definitely focuses on the fringes of sound and draws a crowd of discerning electronic music fans. The sounds of this festival are always current with an emphasis on techno, dub and experimental electronic music. Over the five day event you can find day and evening events, art installations, all-night parties and the often talked-about Piknic Electronik.

Founded in 2000, Mutek is an international festival organization that is dedicated to the advancement of electronic music and the digital arts. While Mutek has expanded to festivals around the world, the main event still remains in the organization’s hometown of Montreal, QC, where a thriving art and DIY culture constantly push creativity. Mutek aims to embrace and celebrate the innovations and artistry of the digital medium, with each year boasting a considerable lineup of well-known and up-and-coming performers. One thing that sets this festival apart from others is a focus on live performances from electronic acts, often with much thought put into the visual and environmental elements of each performance. Along with the music acts you’ll find groundbreaking visual performances, installations and art exhibits that coincide with the music experiences of the event.

Mutek 2012 LINEUP

A GUY CALLED GERALD [UK] • ALICIA HUSH [CA] • ATHEUS [CA] • Apparat Band (DE) • BENOIT & SERGIO [US] • BERNARDINO FEMMINIELLI [CA] • Blondes (US) • BNJMN (UK) • CLARK [UK] • CONTAINER [US] • Danuel Tate (CA) • DENIZ KURTEL [US] • DKMD [CA] • ESPRITS FRAPPEURS [CA] • Farben (DE) • Jeff Mills (US) • Jimmy Edgar (US) • K.A.N.T.N.A.G.A.N.O [CA] • KEITH FULLERTON WHITMAN [US] • KiNk (BG) • Kode 9 (UK) • KRAUSE DUO[DE] • LARRY JAMES [CA] • LE RÉVÉLATEUR [CA] • LEBOEUF ET LAVIOLETTE [CA] • MAGNANIME [CA] • MARTIN TÉTREAULT & NANCY TOBIN présentent TÉTO [CA] • Matt Thibideau (CA) • MICHEL PLAMONDON [CA] • Minilogue vs Mathew Jonson • Monolake (KE) • MORT [CA] • Nautiluss (CA) • NELLY-EVE RAJOTTE [CA] • Nicolas Jaar (CL) • Nouveau Palais (CA) • Paul White (UK) • Pierre Bastien vs Espen Sommer Eide • Public Lover (US) • Robin Fox (AU) • Roll the Dice (SE) • Roly Porter (UK) • SALVA[US] • SENDAI [BE] • SHLOHMO [US] • Shackleton [UK] • SIBIAN & FAUN [CA] • SIMON CALLED PETER [CA]• Stephen O’Malley (US) • SOLVENT [CA] • THE GULF STREAM [CA] • Tim Hecker (CA) • TONEPUSHERS [CA] • Ursula Bogner (DE) • VALENTIN STIP [CA] • WOLF + LAMB [US]