Music Tech Roundup: Looplabs, Native Instruments, iZotope, Allen & Heath, and Genelec

In this music tech roundup, we explore some studio essentials and check out Looplabs cloud-based music creation platform, Native Instruments’ new FLESH synth, iZotope’s Ozone 7 Mastering Suite, Allen & Heath’s ZED Mini Mixer Series, and Genelec’s new 1236 Smart Active Monitoring System.

Looplabs | Cloud-Based Music Creation Platform


Now available as a public beta release, Looplabs is a free, collaborative cloud-based music studio that lets anyone to easily make, share, and discover music anywhere, anytime, and with anyone regardless of technical skills or ability – all from their web browser. Looplabs’ intuitive interface automatically snaps more than 25,000 freely available royalty-free sounds into the same tempo and musical key, removing the complexities of musical theory. The platform allows anyone with an internet access to easily create music for their YouTube, Instagram or Vine videos, drop music in their next DJ set, remix other artists music, write new songs, record vocals, and much more. Read more at PR Newswire 

FLESH | Augmented Sonic Reality

FLESH is an REAKTOR Instrument created by producer, musician, and inventor Tim Exile designed to be fully compatible with the KOMPLETE KONTROL S-Series keyboards. It is a fun and innovative performance synth that allows you to transform any source material into basslines, melodies, chords, harmonic progressions, and much more without any music theory needed. Made for hands-on performance, FLESH turns samples into full tracks in the studio or on the stage using an arsenal of tools that includes a Sample Engine, Polysynth Engine, Monosynth Engine, Subsynth Engine, Modulation Page, Effects Section, and global macro controls for tactile tweaking. Read more at Native Instruments


Ozone 7 | Mastering Software

The latest release of Ozone 7 and Ozone 7 Advanced by iZotope built on the company’s reputation for superior sound quality and industry-standard audio mastering tools. Ozone 7 packs many new improvements and a whole new class of processing including the new Vintage EQ, Vintage Compressor, Vintage Limiter, Vintage Tape modules, Maximizer, Dynamic EQ, Export Formats, and more. You can also audition masters before rendering with the new Codec Preview and apply any of the ten Ozone Advanced modules to mix busses as individual plug-ins. Read more at iZotope


ZED Mini | Miniature Mixer Series

Music Tech Roundup

Allen & Heath has launched three new mini mixers from its acclaimed ZED analogue console range, including the first ZEDi hybrid mixer/interface. The ZED-6, ZED-6FX and ZEDi-8 are designed with all the features and quality required by musicians, recording artists and for AV work, in a compact, portable format. All the new models feature two mono channels with separate XLR and TRS jack sockets, two Stereo channels, a new GSPre preamp design developed from the GS-R24 professional studio console, 2-band EQ, 60mm smooth-travel master mix faders, channel monitoring, and 48V phantom power all housed in moulded chassis with a metal front panel. Read more at Allen & Heath


Genelec 1236 | Smart Active Monitoring System

Music Tech Roindup

Genelec, the pioneer in active loudspeakers, recently debuted the new 1236 Smart Active Monitoring (SAM) Main Monitor System, and it’s individually calibrated Remote Amplifier Module RAM XL. SAM systems are controlled via Genelec proprietary Loudspeaker Manager (GLM) network and software which enable all networked monitors, and subwoofers, to be automatically aligned and adjusted for level, time-of-flight, and room response compensations. Also, Genelec’s intelligent AutoCal technology can integrate each SAM studio monitor into the listening environment for any number of listening positions or even over an area by automatically compensating for detrimental room acoustic anomalies, particularly at low and low-mid frequencies. Read more at Genelec


Mixing and Mastering Program

Learn the well-kept industry secrets of EQ, compression, panning, level balancing, reverb and special effects and transform rough ideas and basic compositions into a commercial master. Investigate how to use key concepts and tools in your tracks, while paying special attention to techniques of metering and spectral analysis in order to apply science alongside the art.

What’s Included:

Mixing & Mastering Level 1: Mix
Mixing & Mastering Level 2: Modify
Mixing & Mastering Level 3: Master

“The videos were helpful and the chats were great. I expected a lot out of this course and I got it!” – Jon Yu, California

This program gives you everything you need to refine tracks into a clear commercial quality release, including special mixing and mastering techniques for dubstep, techno, house, trance, downtempo, hip-hop, and the gamut of electronically-produced music.

You will learn to mix and master your tracks using the same plugins that top industry engineers use every day, including plugins by Sonnox, Metric Halo, Altiverb, Soundtoys, Izotope, Waves, URS, and Abbey Road. Register today!

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