Music Tech News Roundup: Maschine Studio, Aleph from Monome, Mixed in Key Pro, The Sound of Gravity, Moog Effects Pedals +

In this week’s music technology news roundup: Aleph from Monome, new effects pedals from moog, Mixed in Key goes pro, NI announces Maschine 2.0 & Maschine Studio, Jon Margulies demystifies mixing in Ableton, and more!

Aleph From Monome

CDM’s Peter Kirn writes, “monome, the iconic grid controller that launched them all, has always been a device tethered to a computer. Without a USB connection to your machine, it is an attractive but functionless box. The latest monome project, the result of a collaboration between Brian Crabtree and musician Ezra Buchla (yes, there’s a relation) is different. It is a computer, with all the functions that entails, but in a box designed for sound.”

Read more at Create Digital Music

Moog Minifooger Effects

Moog Music has announced the launch of the Minifooger Analog Effects family,  a series of compact effects based on the larger and more expensive Moogerfooger line of effects pedals that with five choices of flavor: the MF DriveMF BoostMF DelayMF Ring, and MF Trem.


Moog says, “The Minifooger Analog Effects family is launching with 5 compact stomp boxes – Each pedal is 100% analog, designed and hand assembled in Moog’s factory in Asheville, North Carolina and carries a US street price below $200.  Two videos can be seen on our site featuring artists experimenting with the Minifoogers: Troy Van Leeuwen, guitarist for the band Queens of The Stone Age takes a more classic approach; and Xander Singh and Ian Hultquist of Passion Pit explores the other worldly side of the Minifoogers.” Find out more about the Minifoogers HERE.

iConnnect MIDI2+

As users of the first generation iConnectMIDI device, we can confidently recommend these devices to bridge the gap between iOS devices, computers, USB controllers, and traditional MIDI connections. These boxes are stable, fast, and continue to surprise us for functionality in the modern studio. The second generation of iConnectMIDI devices were announced last year, but it looks like we’re finally going to see a release this month with a street price of $89.99.

Maschine 2.0 + Maschine Studio

Native Instruments has just announced Maschine 2.0 – a massive update to their groundbreaking music production platform that will launch with the Maschine Studio hardware controller on November 1, 2013. Check out our post from earlier this week where Dubspot’s Maschine course designer, Matt Cellitti, gives us his insights on this update to the popular music production software.

For a full breakdown of Maschine 2.0 and Maschine Studio features, we recommend Create Digital Music’s thorough Maschine 2.0 Visual Tour.

Mixed in Key Pro Appplication?


Well we didn’t see this coming. It looks like the popular harmonic analysis software Mixed in Key may be going pro with a DJ application in the near future. We caught this rumor from, who say, “But by the sounds of it, the Mixed In Key team have had a long hard look at how DJs work and the tools they use, and tried to do things differently.” Read more here.

Jon Margulies Demystifies Mixing in Ableton Live


In case you missed the article previously, we’d like to recommend reading this fantastic article by Dubspot instructor and Ableton guru Jon Margulies, who lays down the gauntlet of knowledge for mixing in Ableton Live.

“Every DAW has technical limitations and workflow issues. What I’ve discovered over time, however, is that these limitations can be mastered through changes to workflow and mindset, and that these changes can lead to greater productivity and better sounding music.” – Jon Margulies

Soundworks Collection: The Sound of Gravity

In this video, the SoundWorks Collection speaks with director Alfonso Cuarón and Re-recording Mixer Skip Lievsay about the sound teams who worked to create a vast and dramatic environment in the film Gravity.

Wired magazine also ran a special on the sound of Gravity:

“In Gravity Alfonso Cuarón opted to keep it scientific thanks to a handy trick – filling the void with tunes. “There’s no sound in space, for instance, but we use music to convey the story,” the director told WIRED recently. That means that every time there’s a collision in the movie the audience doesn’t hear a bang – they hear a sonic boom. The same goes for the characters’ — and, by extension, the audience’s — feelings of anxiety, claustrophobia, and agoraphobia. Much of what is seen in Gravity is terrifying, and when the audience can’t hear the horror of a space shuttle breaking apart or an airlock flying open, Price had to fill the void with his nerve-wracking score.” Read more here.

Bitwig Instrument Clip Demo

This beta video highlights several of Bitwig Studio’s features for working with instrument clips. Switch between clip- or track-based note editing, bring more life into your composition using note expressions and and per-note micro-pitch control, or use the histogram-based inspector function on several notes at once to randomize or spread parameter variances, changing the feel of your instrument clips. For more information visit:

Beats Streaming Will Launch This Year

“Beats will launch its long-awaited music streaming service, Beats Music, “within the next few months” in the United States. Luke Wood, president and COO of the company, told TNW that it will be accessible on the Web, as well as from an iOS or Android device. Support for Windows 8, presumably through a dedicated app, will arrive at a later date.” Read more at