Music Tech News Roundup August 2015: Native Instruments, Output, Slate Digital, Elektron, Arturia, and Pioneer

In this music tech news roundup, we check out Native Instruments Stem Creator Tool, Output’s REV X-LOOPS, Slate Digital’s Mix/Master Bundle, Elektron’s Overbridge software, Arturia’s KeyLab 49 BE MIDI Controller, and Pioneer’s DJM-S9 Battle Mixer.

NI Releases Stem Creator Tool Beta

Native Instruments releases Stem Creator Tool Beta for creating Stem files – a simple, standalone application built for Stem file authoring.

Just prepare four musical elements of a track as separate audio files, import them into the Stem Creator Tool, adjust the compression, and hit export. A new, high-quality stem.mp4 file is then created, ready for creative mixing. If you produce or play your own tracks, or if you are involved in the sale or distribution of music, download this version of the free Stem Creator Tool to get started making Stems here.

Output Releases REV X-LOOPS

Creators of the acclaimed Reverse Instrument Suite, REV and SIGNAL Pulse Engine have expanded their creative twist on sound design with the all new X-LOOPS Reverse Loops Engine. This expansion to the REV instruments comes loaded with 2GB of brand new multi-layered loops, over 20 new categories, 50 FX presets and snapshots, and a complete FX section including Stutter, Reverb, Delay, EQ, Rage, Lo-Fi, and more. In addition, the loops include a mixture of forward and reverse sounds that can all be auto-mapped to a MIDI keyboard and tempo-locked to easily change the key of any loop.

Discover the power of REV X-LOOPS and REV bundle options here.

Slate Digital Releases Mix/Master Bundle

Slate Digital thanks their loyal customers by extending the free trial period of the Mix/Master/FX Bundle for six months. The new bundle includes all of their plugins, as well as the BRAND NEW Custom EQ, Custom LIFT processors, and the Relab LX480 Reverb.

Download the complete line of Slate Digital plugins free for six months here.

Elektron Releases Overbridge

Elektron has announced the release of Overbridge Beta for all DAW hosts. Overbridge is a versatile integration software that bridges the gap between your Elektron analog hardware and your music studio software through a single USB connection. Overbridge 1.0 is only compatible with Ableton Live, and the Beta version supports other hosts such as Cubase, Logic, Bitwig, Maschine, and Reaper.

Enjoy, experiment, and explore your sound manipulating capabilities with this new crossover technology. Download Overbridge 1.0 for Ableton Live or join in on the testing for Overbridge Beta free here.

Arturia Releases KeyLab 49 Black Edition

The limited Black Edition of the KeyLab 49 is designed to be ultimate MIDI controller. The controls include modulation and pitch wheels, two banks of ten encoders, two banks of nine faders, ten assignable switches, and sixteen velocity/pressure-sensitive pads. In addition, the KeyLab 49 BE is perfect for controlling Arturia’s Analog Lab Software, a free bundle built around the KeyLab MIDI controllers that integrate the feel of a hardware instrument with the power of software.

Learn more about Arturia’s limited Black Edition of the KeyLab 49 and Analog Lab Software integration here.

Pioneer Releases the DJM-S9 Battle Mixer

Meet the DJM-S9, Pioneer’s first two-channel battle mixer for Serato DJ. The fully customizable Magvel Pro crossfader, tactile performance pads, FX buttons, Style Levers, and two built-in soundcards let you tailor the mixer according to your preferences. Learn more about Pioneer’s new push strategy mixer built for scratch/turntablist DJs here.


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