Music Tech News Roundup August 2016

This music tech news roundup features the latest announcements and emerging technologies from Roland, KORG, Novation, JD Sound, and Soundtoys.


Roland to Host 24-Hour Online Music Festival + New Product Reveals

Roland announces the “first-of-its kind” 24-hour online music festival called “The Future. Redefined” on September 9th as a tribute to #909Day. The worldwide event fuses liveliness and diversity with artist performances, new product debuts, product demonstrations, and interviews with leading artists. During the festival, Roland will reveal more than 30 new musical instrument products during streaming video broadcasts from VIP events in Tokyo, Berlin, Brussels, Paris, Toronto, NYC, Los Angeles, and more. Roland will introduce new synthesizers, digital pianos, electronic drums, DJ equipment, BOSS guitar related products, and a new genre of musical instrument never offered before by Roland.

Stream the “The Future. Redefined” here.

KORG Electribe Firmware Update

KORG has released a notable update to the newer Electribes’ firmware with version 2.02, which brings a much-requested undo function and a pattern chaining function that will be a great asset for live performances or music production. The lineup has also become more colorful with the new metallic blue model. In addition, KORG is also offering 200+ new bonus patterns that reveal even greater sonic potential.

Read more at KORG

KORG Arp Odyssey Desktop Spotted


A now removed photo shared by keyboardist DANiiVORY (Theresa Danielle Flaminio), may have unintentionally leaked the reveal of a desktop version of the ARP Odyssey. Spotted in the photo next to the ‘KARP Odyssey’ keyboard appears to be two KORG ARP Odyssey desktop-style synthesizers without keyboards. For now, it’s only speculation, and we can only wait to see what the future brings.

Novation Launchpad Pro Scale Mode

The latest firmware update for Novation’s popular Launchpad Pro introduces Scale Mode, which expands upon the existing Note Mode. The new Scales Mode browser opens up the ability to use Launchpad Pro as an expressive musical instrument while retaining its ability to offer intuitive control over Ableton Live and external hardware in Standalone Mode. Watch Harry Coade take us through some of the scales in his performance using the Bass Station 2 to highlight Scales Mode and hardware control.

Read more at Novation

JD Sound GoDJ Portable DJ System

Korean company JD Sound has designed an ultra-portable battery powered DJ system called GoDJ Plus which is being funded through an Indegogo Campaign. Inspired by GoDJ Pocket Music Studio, the GoDJ Plus features more detailed knobs, launch pads, 16GB internal memory, built-in speakers, various effects, a host of performance tools, and more.

Read more at Indegogo

Soundtoys Feature on Tycho

Scott Hansen is a San Francisco-based producer, composer, musician, graphic designer, and mastermind behind the critically-acclaimed project Tycho. Soundtoys invited Scott to their headquarters to discuss inspiration, gear, production, design, and using Soundtoys plug-ins in his creative workflow.


Mixing and Mastering Program

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