Music Subreddits: Production, DJ, Sound Design, Music Industry + w/ Daniel Salvaggio

In a recent article, we discussed the interesting, and often informative world of AMA threads on Reddit. Beyond AMAs, Reddit offers a wealth of information in the form of subreddits catering to specific fields of interest. Below Dubspot’s Daniel Salvaggio explores several music subreddits filled with audio-minded individuals sharing production tips, industry stories, and all kinds of other music-related knowledge.



By far the most popular music-making Subreddit out there, boasting over 115,000 users. r/WeAreTheMusicMakers is a general music discussion forum for musicians of all levels, and conversations can range anywhere from gear to theory to performance and everything in between. The benefit of having so many users is that there is rarely a question left unanswered in such a thriving community.

/r/LearnMusic, /r/Composer, /r/MusicTheory, /r/ELI5Music

These Subreddits cater specifically towards those looking to better their knowledge of composing music. The conversations on r/Composer and r/MusicTheory tend to be a bit advanced while r/LearnMusic can be described as intermediate. “ELI5″ is a term that stands for “explain like I’m five,” and in this case music questions are answered in the most basic, easy to understand form possible. ELI5Music is a tremendously valuable resource for learning something from the ground up.


r/AudioEngineering is another highly populated Subreddit bursting at the seams with production information. Experts are constantly weighing in, giving the users the benefit of their expertise. Not only will you find helpful production information but also gain terrific insight into the careers of professional audio engineers working in a wide array of fields in the industry.


Somewhat related to r/AudioEngineering, r/Audiophile is a discussion forum that celebrates high-quality audio above all else. This helpful board contains a plethora of information specifically about getting the cleanest, best sounds possible for both production and consumption.


Simply put, r/MusicInTheMaking is a hub for collaboration. Looking for someone to work with on a demo you can’t seem to finish? Looking for a vocalist? Looking for some general feedback? MITM may be the place for you.


This Subreddit is a discussion forum for those interested in making sounds for games. r/GameAudio is a community where you can get a glimpse of the audio industry for games, as well as excellent technical information. From sound design to composition to industry talk, GameAudio is a solid board all around.

/r/MakingHipHop, /r/EDMProduction, /r/FutureBeatProducers, /r/TrapProduction, /r/DNBProduction

The beauty of Reddit is how there are so many Subreddit’s about so many different niches. Above, you’ll find several immensely helpful, genre-specific boards for all of your production needs. These Subreddits are a hotbed of up-to-the-minute information on new music, techniques, gear, and industry talk regarding each of these respective genres. For many, the search for a community of like-minded producers with shared common interests ends here!

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