ReWiring Explained + Desktop Music Production Workshop @ Apple Store

Dubspot instructor Chris Petti will be at the SOHO Apple Store this Thursday, May 27th (6 to 7pm), giving a free workshop on Reason, Ableton Live, and their applications and functions in the modern world of desktop production.

Chris will cover the basics of creating original sounds, programming loops, clip editing, audio sequencing, and finally, some basic Ableton live performance principles, applied to production by transferring individual sound elements into a finished product.

The workshop is designed to provide an overview of the production process, and a preview of the various avenues of education that can be explored at our school. Anyone interested in further discussion should stick around following the session and talk with Chris, or any of the Dubspot crew members.

Below is a sample of what Chris will cover, and a quick lesson for those who cant make it, on using Reason and Ableton together through efficient ‘Rewiring.’

This is one of the most important functions of production software to understand – the ability to connect multiple programs together at once. That is where ReWiring comes in.

ReWire is a powerful protocol that allows 64 channels of audio to pass from a slave (the program sending audio, and that is under control) to a host (the program receiving audio, that is controlling the slave). In this example, Reason is the slave, and Live is the host.

Many producers like to ReWire a large number of tracks from Reason into Live, keeping all the kicks, high hats, claps, snares and such separate. This is not always necessary with Ableton given it’s powerful looping functions. Make it simple, de-clutter your sets, and use the instructions below. This is an extremely effective way to minimizing the number of tracks you use.

Note: All these steps should be performed from Live’s session view.

1) Launch Ableton Live and launch a Reason project.

2) Create an audio track in Live, and view the ins/outs of the track.

3) Select Reason in the ‘Audio From’ box, leave ’1/2: Mix L Mix R’ as the input (This is the default setting, so dont change anything).

4) Set Monitor to ‘In’ (turning it orange). When you play audio in Live, you should hear your Reason track coming through.

5) Create a new audio track in Live. View the ins/outs of the new track, and set ‘Audio From’ to ‘Resampling’

6) Turn the Track Activator off for the Resampling track, and arm it to record.

7) Go back to your Reason project, and solo out your first track in the arrange view, i.e. your drums.

8) Back in Live, press record (the circle) in any of the clips in your Resampling track. Repeat steps for all the subsequent tracks in your Reason project.

9) Create an appropriate number of audio tracks in Live for the number of clips you have recorded. Then place all the newly recorded individual clips horizontally on a single scene.

You have now avoided the tedious process of creating lots of ReWire inputs and tracks in side Live.

  • Frankie Loscavio
  • 5/25/2010

You can also use the “External Instrument Effect” for Rewireing to Reason also and it will use one track for midi output and audio input saving even more track space. Then when you need to record the audio you can add a new track and either record it OR Freeze a loop selection for each Rewired instrument and copy the Frozen audio parts to a new audio track, or keep it on the same track etc.. depending on your preference. There are lots of cool ways to use Rewire in Ableton and this helps prove again why Ableton is so powerful :)

By the way keep up the great work Dubspot!

Huston Singletary Explains this some in the videos below:

Rewire #1 Ableton Live 7 with Reason

Rewire #2 Ableton Live 7 with Reason