The DJ Mothership: Traktor Pro 2 + NI’s Controllers – X1, S4, Maschine

Native Instruments product specialist and Dubspot Instructor Mike Henderson aka DJ Endo explains and demonstrates the incredible audio processing, DJing, and performance possibilities of Dell’s powerful Studio XPS laptop running Windows 7. In this new video Endo creates a next level Traktor DJ setup called The Mothership.  Using the Studio XPS laptop along with NI’s Audio 8 interface and the Kensington USB hub, Endo connects a series of Native Instruments next generation DJ controllers and gear including a mapped-out Maschine for auto-synching and beat-matchining, two Traktor Kontrol X1 for browsing/scrolling through tracks, controlling effects panels, and Traktor Kontrol S4 for advanced controllerisms using the decks. Lastly, Endo goes into Traktor and shows us how to navigate the preferences, device setups, and load up the Settings for The Mothership (click link to download settings.)

DJ Endo and DJ Shiftee are the designers of Dubspot’s upcoming Digital Djing with Traktor program, which you can find more details about below. You can listen to his mixes on SoundCloud, follow him on Twitter, & find him on Facebook.

Digital DJing w/ Traktor Pro 2 Program

Three levels / 12 sessions / 21 hours of hands-on instruction + labs

The definition of DJing has changed dramatically in the last decade. Laptops, controllers, and software have emerged alongside more traditional turntables and CDJ’s, smashing the barrier to entry. In today’s digital age, anyone can become a DJ.


  • Digital DJing w/ Traktor Pro 2 Level 1: Introduction to DJing
  • Digital DJing w/ Traktor Pro 2 Level 2: Phrase Mixing
  • Digital DJing w/ Traktor Pro 2 Level 3: Beyond The Beatmatch

To reflect this renaissance, Dubspot has created the Digital DJing with Traktor program. In both our physical and online schools, students will learn how to DJ entirely with Traktor’s cutting-edge technology. An emphasis will be placed on the concepts of DJing rather than simply learning how to use the software. Starting with a historical overview, students will learn the fundamental concepts of the DJ via Traktor’s intuitive interface. They will then begin to delve into the vast array of new possibilities offered by this groundbreaking software, recording their work along the way. Students will leave with finished DJ mixes, a thorough introduction to DJing with Traktor, and a skill set and knowledge base perfect for further development.

  • BigDik Magee
  • 2/21/2011

I can’t wait to come to school with ya’ll in 2012 ;)

Just moved from Serato ITCH NS7FX product to an almost identical ‘mothership’ configuration. I’ve used Traktor before Serato and am familiar but boy have they come a long way with both controllers and software.

I wonder how we can program Maschine to have more of a presence in this configuration. I like my X1′s and S4 for just about everything under the sun including utilizing 4 decks with 4 efx, but I like the LCD display customization for effects, and I think the 16 pads would be really cool to use as hot cue’s and loop cue’s having both quant. and non-quant. Then assigning knobs, LCD, and other buttons for effects using your hotkey method.

Now I just need to figure out how to get there…

Your videos rock, and thanks for the hard work on the .tsi’s.


  • dj sabs
  • 2/21/2011

i currently run traktor 2 with s4 and apc 40 with ableton in parallel and i want to add an x1 so i can use all cue points and and sample decks together or should i get a novation launch pad and use that to do it, basically to get round using sample decks with as many cue points as possible

  • kryptonite
  • 2/21/2011

Hey guys, the settings from the mothership aren’t available anymore! Where can I find them?

  • Markos Polydorou
  • 2/21/2011

This mothership concept is cool, but seems like over kill to me. The S4 by itself can accomplish all the function’s stated in this video and vice versa with the maschine and x1′s+djm 800.

If anything I would ditch the traktor mappings on the maschine and use it as a sequencer to layer beats for live remixing and beat making. Thus leaving the S4 and the x1′s to control your software.

Great video though.

  • matias
  • 2/21/2011

what if i only wanna download the settings for maschne? is that a problem? because when i saw his other vids he was using traktor pro not pro 2

  • Endo
  • 2/21/2011

@Markos – I prefer using an external mixer like the Pioneer 800 over the S4′s internal mixer. The feel is better to me and there is no latency

  • Endo
  • 2/21/2011

@BigDik Magee (lol) – Have you seen my video on using Maschine as a MIDI controller for Traktor? There is a TSI you can download and the video explains what each button does. I also did another video on how to sync Traktor and Maschine. So you can basically use Maschine to control Traktor *AND* use Maschine to control the Maschine software.

  • djtetsuo
  • 2/21/2011

dj endo, love the mothership idea with NI controllers…
I had a couple questions about the idea of multiple controllers…
we have two s4 controllers and we want to play 4 deck mixes on the same time, on the same computer (I would work A/B decks and my partner would work C/D decks)…Is that possible and which soundcard should I use? (should I use an external soundcard to lower cpu load and latency)
and your Machine mapping for traktor, I load it up and its only letting me control C/D decks but not all 4 decks…fix?
Thanks for listening, and I hope to hear your response soon…


  • Markos Polydorou
  • 2/21/2011

@ endo – I agree. I love the idea of having a dedicated external mixer to control basic functions like eq and volume. I personally prefer 2 x1′s with a 4 channel djm 800/900 and a maschine for layering. The idea of the S4 is great if you want an all in one unit but I prefer a dedicated mixer. Actually might swithc over to the xone 92 in the near future since most of the effects in traktor are comparable to the ones on the 800/900