Dubspot @ Moogfest 2014: The Moog Music Factory Tour, Asheville, NC

One of the many highlights of Dubspot’s visit to Asheville during this year’s Moogfest was getting a comprehensive tour of the Moog Factory and an up-close look a the process of how Moog synthesizers are built.

At Moogfest 2014, Dubspot presented a series of in-depth workshops focusing on music production and performance with analog synthesizers. Our goal was to showcase the new creative possibilities of blending classic analog hardware with 21st century music production tools. Please stay tuned for more Dubspot @ Moogfest 2014 video recaps and workshop highlights with James Patrick and Chris Petti.

Everyone has a list of things and places that they would like to see and do during our short time on this planet. As crazy as it may sound, on my list is to see the inside of the Moog synthesizer factory!

As luck would have it, Dubspot was invited to Moogfest this year to conduct workshops. Part of the deal was that we were invited to take a tour of the Moog Factory. We got to see a bit of the process of how a Moog synthesizer is built, and many of the people that are involved in the process.  They let us capture it on video so that we could show it to all of you. - Chris Petti, Director of Curriculum


Moog Music was founded in 1953 by synthesizer pioneer Robert Moog. Dubspot got the full Moog experience – a factory tour from Moog Music’s Jim Debardi, who took us on a tour of the facility, from assembly to testing. All the synthesizers and instruments are hand-built in the Asheville, NC factory – “old fashion American manufacturing.” We also visited The Moog Store and got hands on with the instruments. The Moog Music headquarter in Asheville, North Carolina is a must visit for all fans of Moog synthesizers and electronic musical instruments.

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Anyone who comes by will have the opportunity to ask our instructors in-depth questions about our programs, curriculum and philosophy, and watch live music production and DJ demos. You can even sit down at one of our workstations and take it for a test drive. If you are still trying to decide what you are looking for, we suggest you stop by one of our Open Houses to learn more about the school, understand what the learning process at Dubspot entails and help you decide what is best for you. We can also help with scheduling details and payment options.