MoMA PS1 Warm Up Series 2011 – Lineup: Gang Gang Dance, Omar-S, Ford & Lopatin, Nguzunguzu + Falty DL Mix

MoMA PS1  | Photograph by SooHoo

Long before New York City’s hippest crawled out to Long Island City, Queens to drink and dance to electronic music’s finest, Public School 1 (PS1) had been commandeered by the previous generation’s hip and forward-thinking. Even before MoMA got their hands on the venture, an organization called the Institute for Art and Urban Resources acquired PS1 as part of a burgeoning idea to transform abandoned buildings into artist studios and exhibition spaces.

Founded by Alanna Heiss in 1976, PS1 had been Long Island City’s first public school until 1960, but was shuttered due to low-attendance. This would no longer be the building’s issue come 1997, when MoMa ended a 3-year renovation with the Institute that brought a striking entryway, an outdoor gallery, and a two-story project space. By this time MoMa’s investment in the space had been solidified, and in 2000 the museum had entered a more formalized collaboration with PS1, wherein the two institutions would share resources, collections, and exhibitions.

Since then, the integration of a large-scale, large-endowment institution like MoMA, and the edgy, modestly-scaled PS1 has become reflected in the size and scope of MoMa PS1’s events. More than perhaps any other MoMa PS1 event, the Warm Up series has come to embody both the institution’s desire to be niche and progressive in its exhibitions, as well as attracting as much high-profile attention as possible. It may then comes as a surprise to many who see the Warm Up series as a recent addition to the realm of electronic-related music events, that the summer concert series began in 1997, around the time of the building’s renovation, a whopping 14 years of live music events to date.

MoMA PS1 Entry Kiosk | Designed by Andrew Berman | Photograph by John Hill

From about this time until now, the Warm Up series has grown astronomically, is one of the museum’s most anticipated events, and has featured everyone from heavyweight DJs like Richie Hawtin to OG hip-hop legend Afrika Bambaataa. As an institution committed to art’s future, it only seems to make sense that the Warm Up series has come to feature artists in realm of electronic music—a nebulous genre that has had American’s either fist-pumping in madness or scratching their heads in confusion, two states of crazed response that may in fact be one of electronic music’s greatest achievements. This Summer MoMa PS1 has taken significant queues from electronic music’s most critically acclaimed, booking electronic music innovators like UK producer Four Tet, New York’s Falty DL (listen to his PS1 Warm Up mix for The Fader below) or Detroit’s techno-enigma Omar-S. Pseudo-indie rockers Gang Gang Dance will perform a DJ set (a clear sign of the group’s unabashed love for today’s electronic landscape), and other indie rock peripheries like experimental noise band Black Dice, or rising Brooklyn star and recent Terrible Records signers Blood Orange.

MoMA PS1 Warm Up 2011 crowd | Photograph by Dan Giove

FADER/MoMA PS1 Warm Up Mix: FaltyDL by The FADER

In addition to the Warm Up series’ longstanding musical presence in New York’s summer event calendar, the event has coincided with PS1’s Young Architect’s Program (YAP), where contestants submit designs for PS1’s outdoor gallery for a chance to have their design constructed for the Warm Up series. This year’s winner is Brooklyn firm Interboro, who created a minimalist-style “rec room,” including ping-pong tables, small wading pools in boxes, and mirrors. Apparently all the activity-related materials were developed alongside institutions—schools, day care centers, senior centers, and arts programs—to eventually be donated after their use at the Warm Up series.

The PS1 MoMa website had this to say about the design, “Their work has both a modesty and a commitment quite at odds with the luxury and complex computer-generated form that has prevailed in the city in recent years.” The tension will continue on the ground and on stage until September 3rd, when PS1 Warm Up’s programming ends. Until then, the music industry’s most technologically savvy will take the stage pushing buttons, turning knobs, and pushing wheels of steel around like astronauts, or Leonardo De Vinci, and audience members will be artfully justified in their taste.


July 16

agnès b. presents:

Audio Love by Juan + Johnny
Joakim / Tigersushi / Paris, France
Koudlam / Pan European Recordings / Paris, France
Mirror Mirror / RVNG Intl. / New York, NY

July 23

Gang Gang Dance (DJ set) / 4AD / New York, NY
Lunice / Lucky Me / Montreal, Canada
Syd tha Kyd / OFWGKTA / Los Angeles, CA
Miracles Club / Ecstacy Records / Portland, OR
Laurel Halo / Hippos in Tanks / New York, NY

July 30

Prince Language / The No Comprendo / NegroClash & Stretch Armstrong / Plant Music / New York, NY
Das Racist (DJ set) / Greedhead / Brooklyn, NY
Vockah Redu / C2K Entertainment/ New Orleans, LA
Holy Other / Tri Angle Records / Manchester, UK
XXXY / Ten Thousand Yen / Manchester, UK

August 6

Omar-S / FXHE Records / Detroit, MI
Simian Mobile Disco (DJ set) / Delicacies / Wichita / London, UK
Steve Moore / Zombi / L.I.E.S./ Kompakt / New York, NY
Beppe Loda / Typhoon / Cosmic, Italy
Forma / Spectrum Spools / Brooklyn, NY

August 13

Black Dice / Paw Tracks / New York, NY
His Name is Alive (DJ set) / Midnight Cowboy / Detroit, MI
oOoOO / Tri Angle Records / San Francisco, CA
Clams Casino / Tri Angle Records / Nutley, NJ
Ayshay (DJ set) / Tri Angle Records / Brooklyn, NY
Water Borders / Tri Angle Records / San Francisco, CA

August 20

Juan Maclean / DFA / New York, NY
Blood Orange / Terrible / Domino Records / New York, NY
Solange / Houston, TX
Pictureplane / Lovepump United / Denver, CO
Grimes / Arbutus Records / Montreal, Canada
Ford & Lopatin (DJ set) / Mexican Summer / New York, NY

August 27

Tanlines / True Panther Sounds / New York, NY
Nguzunguzu / Los Angeles, CA
Teengirl Fantasy / True Panther Sounds / Oberlin, OH
Sun Araw / Sun Ark Records / Los Angeles, CA
Physical Therapy / Brooklyn, NY

September 3

The 2 Bears / Southern Fried / London, UK
Horsemeat Disco / Strut / London, UK
Midnight Magic / Midnight Sun / New York, NY
Justin Miller / DFA / New York, NY
BICEP / Throne of Blood / London, UK

Stefan Nickum is a writer and DJ currently living in New York City. Stefan has DJed under the aliases The Crooked Clef, and more recently as Tenderman. His mixes have been written about in The New Yorker online, The Atlantic online, and Seattle’s weekly publication The Stranger. His music writing can be found in XLR8R, Alternative Press, Dazed & Confused, and Pop Matters.