MikeQ (Qween Beat / Fade To Mind) @ Dubspot ‘Wireless’ Interview: Talks Influences, Ballroom, Vogue-House +

In this episode of Dubspot’s Wireless interview series, Qween Beat founder and Fade To Mind artist MikeQa leading figure in the contemporary ballroom/vogue house scene, sits down with Dubspot instructor, composer, and producer Raz Mesinai.

MikeQ is the resident DJ at Vogue Knights, New York City’s weekly vogue house party. Vogue, a dance style, started its evolution in the 60s and remains influential today, even making it into the choreography of pop stars like Beyoncé.

In this interview, MikeQ discusses the history and culture of the ballroom community, explains what “Realness With a Twist” is all about, and makes it clear that producing ballroom music is much more than just sampling Masters At Work. He also talks to Raz about being inspired by house classics like “The Ha Dance,” and Vjuan Allure, one of the first DJs to blend old school house with newer vogue house tracks.