Max for Live Round Up: Polyrhythmus, Keep Follow On, Mashup, Gratis Hits +

In this Max for Live Roundup we take a look at some free Max for Live devices that add usefulness and spice to your Ableton Live projects. The devices range from synths to utility devices that override Live’s default settings. 

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Polyrhythmus by Benniy C Bascom is “a modular, euclidean sequencer, arpeggio-builder and a lot more.” Well that is true because there are a lot of features in this device. At its core it is a 5 step sequencer that can play independent rhythms (5 beats over 8 beats) at different time signatures (5/4 over 4/4). The “lots more” comes in where Polyrhythmus gives you control features like arpeggiating CC numbers for outboard gear, note reordering functions, mapping of parameter to get polyrhythmic automation and a presets tab to save up to 18 different variations on your sequences. It may take a moment to wrap your head around the musical possibilities, so watch the video and download Polyrhythmus for free.

Keep Follow On

Max for Live Keep Follow On by Dennis DeSantis is one of the simplest devices you can come across. When enabled, this device will keep Ableton Live’s follow button on. Usually when you turn follow on and are zoomed in, the view of the clip will be updated to the location of the playhead. When you re-zoom the clip or arrangement, “Follow” turns off and you will have to press “Follow” again. Keep Follow On works “even when zooming or scrolling within clips or the Arrangement,” as Dennis says. Download Keep Follow On free app for a stress free follow.


Mashup by Ned Rush by is another device that does one simple task very effectively. “Mashup is a chance based sound editor for beat based edits, mangles and mashups in pure Ned Rush style.” When you drop in a loop, Mashup mangles it based on chance of time and mangle types. You set slices and the probability of those slices. Then set probably of the re-triggering time of said slices. Lastly you can set probability of the type of playback the Mashup will choose like forwards, slow back and pitch stop.

Gratis Hits

Gratis Hits by Max for Cats is a bundle of 5 unique Max for Live devices that be added to sooth some of your sonic and utility needs. Bertha 2 is an additive synth that can sounds similar to a Farfisa or Vox transistor organs. Bundled in Bertha 2 is a Leslie organ simulator that can go, sonically, into territory the original can’t touch and the simulator weight a lot less. XY Gesture (Audio and MIDI) is a nice device you can use your mouse to automate two parameter on the XY-pad. When you finish, it can loop the playback of that automation. Anti-Warp is a great tool play a clip and loop it without having to use Warp. You can have just your unwarpped clip play or use the dry/wet to blend with warped clip, also available are start and end parameters as well as playback speeds that will range from -3x to 3x. MIDI Monitor displays what is going on under the hood of your MIDI tracks. MIDI Monitor shows you the note on/off, CC and pitch bend information. You can freeze the data to pinpoint important incoming data and it even has a cool animation overly to entertain you for a great break from the technical aspects of reading MIDI. Use this device to help with your Max for Live development or troubleshooting your hardware devices. There is something for everybody in this free bundle.

Max for Live

Ableton Live Producer Certificate Program

The flagship of our music training, with every Ableton Live course offered at the school. After completing this program, you will leave with a portfolio of original tracks, a remix entered in an active contest, a scored commercial to widen your scope, and the Dubspot Producer’s Certificate in Ableton Live.

What’s Included:

  • Ableton Live Level 1: Beats, Sketches, and Ideas
  • Ableton Live Level 2: Analyze, Deconstruct, Recompose, and Assemble
  • Ableton Live Level 3: Synthesis and Original Sound Creation
  • Ableton Live Level 4: Advanced Sound Creation
  • Ableton Live Level 5: Advanced Effect Processing
  • Ableton Live Level 6: Going Global with your Music

This program is about learning Ableton Live by going through the entire process of being an artist, by developing your own sound through a series of sketches and experimentation. You will also learn the ins and outs of this powerful software through a series of exercises designed to help you master the steps involved in producing your own music. After a level of getting familiar with the tools that Ableton has to offer, you will then develop your sonic ideas into full-length tracks. You will be exposed to a variety of approaches to arrangement and composition, storytelling techniques, ways of creating tension and drama in your music. At the end of the day, it is the sum total of your choices as an artist that define your sound, and Levels 2 – 6 will give you the experience of actually completing tracks to add to your portfolio.

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