Max for Live Device Roundup: Autotune, PushMLR, MultiMapTurnado, Push Pack, and More!

Dubspot blogger Josh Spoon introduces five useful Max for Live – Ableton devices including Autotune, Push Pack for Aftertouch, Modular Series, PushMLR, and MultiMapTurnado. 


If you are looking for Auto-Tune on the cheap, look no further then Autotune by He Runs Hundreds. It’s not as feature rich as the industry standard, so I wouldn’t recommend it on your next pop star demo. But you can turn your voice into an interesting instrument while also doing some pitch correction. Getting Kanye-like pitch correction and much more is definitely attainable with Autotune. Autotune is currently available for $11.

Push Pack for Aftertouch

Aftertouch is a device released by Subaqueous with the help of Chris Schlyer and Icaro Ferre. It was created to give you more control over aftertouch on Push, Quneo, or frankly any keyboard with aftertouch. Aftertouch has two flavors available in a package called Push Pack for Aftertouch; one is (aq) Aftertouch Threshold and the other is Aftertouch Delay. These allow you to either smooth out aftertouch pressure or delay the attack and release of aftertouch. Push Pack for Aftertouch is available for free.

Modular Series

Modular Series by Isotonik Studios is a collection of Max for Live utilities to ease and enhance your production and performance workflow. All of these devices are midi mappable allowing you to rely less on your mouse, once setup. The series includes:

Looper – access Live’s clip looper and set up loop length templates for looping on the fly and manipulate the loop’s position and length

Smart  - 20 user programmable banks of graphs that are used to modulate up to 8 assignable effects with the twist of a OneKnob

Follow  - takes the concept of Live’s follow and makes it more dynamic; cut your song in to clips  (i.e. intro, verse, chorus, etc.) and set what follow actions you’d like for each clip; footswitch controls, pitch control, floating window

Return – access 8 parameters from your return track right on an audio or midi track

Beat Repeat Enhancer  - have the ability to move through the Beat Repeat grid with all grid sizes or just triplets

Arrange Cue Jumper – map up to 5 locators (cue points) to jump around the arrangement view easily

Arrange Looper – set up loop sizes and have access to flexible and dynamic looping in the Arrangement View

Modular Series is around 30 dollars U.S. Check out their free Follow LE to get a feel of the usefulness of the products. If you like powerful, lightweight devices that can aid creativity and easy production, Modular Series is the one.


PushMLR by yop44 is a simple Max for Live device that mimics the mlr script for Monome, allowing dynamic sample cutting of audio clips. PushMLR works with up to four clips on two tracks viewable at a time. Each row on Push is equal to one clip. It works by dividing the clip’s possible start position by 8 so they can be triggered on Push. Changing the global or clips quantization settings will change the frequency of PushMLR’s triggering to get loose or tight sample chopping. Setting loop points through PushMLR would be a great addition for this device, but it is great with the current features and is completely free.


MultiMapTurnado by Niels Poensgen mimics the effect blending feature of Sugarbytes’ Turnado with Ableton Live effects. You control up to eight parameters at once by setting boundaries to automate when each will turn on, it’s modulation and when it will turn off. This works similar to Ableton Live rack’s chain selector but with the ease of quick mapping and a OneKnob already setup to change all eight parameters. Grab this free device especially if you are looking for new ways to have fun with your Live effects.

Dubspot blogger Josh Spoon is an Ableton Live veteran, blogger, drummer, music producer and live performer. Josh has a residency with the eclectic Los Angeles electronic music collective Space Circus, performing every first Friday of the month, and just released his first concept EP of grooving low-end originals entitled Man on Mars.

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