No I.D. + Carl Craig & Kelvin Sholar on Maschine 1.5 :: Demo Video

No I.D. on Maschine 1.5

Hip hop and R&B producer, No I.D. best known for his early work with rapper Common and most recently producing two smash hits for Jay-Z, “D.O.A. (Death of Auto-Tune)” and “Run This Town” here talks about how the role Native Instruments’ Maschine plays in his current workstation. Here, he is specifically discussing how “D.O.A. Death of Auto-Tune” came about – from creating/readying the chopped samples from a vinyl record and playing/controlling those chopped pieces in Maschine. No I.D. has also produced hit singles for Usher, Alicia Keys, and mentored Kanye West.

Carl Craig & Kelvin Sholar

Here, two musical geniuses — Carl Craig, legendary Detroit techno producer, and visionary musician Kelvin Sholar, “one of the best musical artists in the world,” according to Artforum International’s Best 2009 issue — discussing their initial encounter and working together, going “outside of the box,” with Craig not playing notes, but playing frequencies. Kelvin talks about how Maschine makes it easy for him to start projects and keeping a smooth workflow (starting with a rhythmical pattern and laying, creating a group of sound). Craig also talks about syncing Maschine with Traktor, and the potential/spontaneity of coming up with new ideas on the road.

Creating a beat on Maschine 1.5

  • DJ See
  • 7/13/2010

I have had Maschine for about 2 weeks now. I have been trying to get my pads to control my hot cues. Whenever I think that I have it correct, some type of glitch happens when I start to play. Mostly what I have been experiencing is duplicate action for one button pressed. I have cleared most of my settings from the ones that I downloaded from Dj Endo’s page, and tried to start from scratch. I am still stuck at assigning hot cues. I would like to move on to bigger and better things but I seem to be stuck at this point. I love the concept of Maschine with Traktor but I haven’t been able to use it yet and I am wondering if there is anyone who could help me with this issue.

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