In Class @ Dubspot :: Martin Perna (Antibalas / Ocote Soul), Rich Medina & Chico Mann

Martin Perna (Antibalas, Ocote Soul Sounds), DJ Rich Medina (Jump N Funk, Marksmen Productions, Rock Steady Crew), Marcos Garcia (Antibalas, Chico Mann), DJ T-Kat (Chico Mann), and Mark Hines (Marksmen Productions), met with Dubspot instructor DJ Kiva for an Ableton Live 101 session here at Dubspot, focused on their shared creative roots on Afrobeat, funk, hip-hop, and soul.

While giving a general overview of the program’s powers, Kiva focused in on applicable functions, that fit the individual’s styles, needs, and workflow methods.  One area of focus was drum racks, and their capacity to immediately import and access a large amount of sounds very quickly and easily.  Old school producers and performers met cutting-edge technology, and these musicians of the vinyl and analog world were loving this crash course on the future of digital music.