Video: Shared System Modular Synthesizer! Make Noise – Music Tech Profile NAMM 2015

In this video recap from The NAMM Show in January 2015, Make Noise founder Tony Rolando introduces the latest Shared System modular synthesizer.

The Make Noise Shared System

This year at The NAMM Show, we had the opportunity to talk to Tony Rolando, Founder and President of Make Noise - one of the most innovative manufacturers of eurorack modules and systems. After cutting his teeth on the production lines at Moog Music in Asheville, NC, Tony founded Make Noise in 2007. Make Noise has since become a leader in the eurorack format with over twenty modules in production.

In this video spotlight we look at the latest version of the Shared System modular synthesizer from Make Noise. The Shared System is a personal favorite of Tony’s and is the company’s most complex system that brings together a collection of Make Noise modules into one system from analog FM to voltage controlled granularization. The Shared System was the forefront instrument for a series of modular synthesizer records called “Shared System Series” released on Make Noise Records. Each record showcases a different artist using the company’s Shared System collection of modules.

In this demonstration of the Make Noise System Tutorial Series, learn how to patch a basic sequence with the Make Noise System.

About Modular Synthesizers

Initially gaining popularity in the 1960′s and 70′s, the modular synthesizer has been admired for its charismatic analog sound and patchable interface. Due to their size, complexity and cost, these instruments were typically available only to collectors, universities, and high-profile artists. Developments in technology and the availability of low-cost, compact electrical components led Deiter Döpfer to develop the ‘eurorack’ modular format which uses minijack cables and connectors, significantly reducing the size and cost of modular systems. Over the last few years, the accessibility of the eurorack format has led to the growth of an eclectic grassroots subculture of musicians and manufacturers pushing the limits in synthesis and music technology.

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