Make Music New York Festival 2011 – Video @ Dubspot: Live Electronics, DJ Sets +

Dubspot celebrated Make Music New York Festival 2011 with a series of exclusive live performances and DJ sets from NYC’s best kept secret in the field of electronic music production and performance. On the first day of Summer, June 21st, MMNY 2011 kicked off with over 1,000 free outdoor concerts around our NYC, and here at Dubspot’s HQ in Manhattan’s West Village we gather rising electronic music artists and performers, including some Dubspot instructors to deliver excellent dance music free for the public all afternoon. This video recaps some of the highlights at MMNY 2011 @ Dubspot.

M-Audio Trigger Finger / Traktor Pro 2

Akai APC-40 / Ableton Live

RANE TTL 57SL Mixer / Serato Scratch Live
Kenton Killamix Mini

HeavyW8bit ChampionChip
NES / FamiTracker software
GameBoy / Music Tech 1.0 software
Commodore 64 / Cynthcart software

Steinberger MIDI Guitar / Vocoder Mic
Evolution MIDI Keyboard / Ableton Live
Line 6 FBV Express Pedal
Trumpet / Max for Live Effects

Akai APC-40 / Ableton Live

In The Loop
Brian Moore i2 MIDI Equipped Guitar
Behringer FCB 1010 Pedal
Akai APC-40 / Ableton Live

DJ Endo
Native Instruments Maschine / Traktor Pro 2
Native Instruments Traktor Kontrol S4

Archie Pelago
Saxophone / Korg NanoKontrol / Ableton Live
Cello / Korg NanoKontrol / Ableton Live
Behringer DJX750 Mixer / Serato Scratch Live

DJ Reborn
Serato Scratch Live
Technics SL-1000 Turntables

DJ Shakey & Christopher Malechki
Acoustic Guitar
Novation Remote 25 Controller / Ableton Live


Make Music New York is launching a new music festival this month. Make Music Winter happens Wednesday, December 21st shortest night of the year and if you’re a singer, musician, DJ, producer you’re invited to take part!

Make Music Winter is inspired by composer Phil Kline’s annual Unsilent Night, Los Pleneros de la 21 in which a meditative, joyous electronic piece is played through dozens of boomboxes carried by volunteers through the East Village on an evening in late December. Unsilent Night has taken place since 1992, drawing crowds of over 1,000.  Launching next month on Wednesday, December 21st, Make Music Winter expands this cult holiday tradition into a festival of one dozen musical parades, each with its own distinct type of music, in neighborhoods across New York City.

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  • 12/19/2011

[...] best kept secret in the field of electronic music production and performance. The video above recaps the even which took place in front Dubspot’s HQ in Manhattan’s West Village. // Share| [...]

  • Adau
  • 12/19/2011

Nice performances, I’m impressed!
DJ Endo, where did you get this awesome T-shirt? I love it :)

  • 12/19/2011

y por que no me invitaron para tambien mostrar mis abilidades
yo tambien tengo algo que demostrar, bueno, si ustedes me dan esa oportunidad que yo estoy buscando.
pero bueno, se be que se la pasaron exelente mostrando todos sus abilidades.