Logic Tutorial: Creating A ‘Wah-Wah’ Using AutoFilter – Shadetek Secret Knowledge Pt 11

Dubspot instructor and course designer Matt Shadetek returns with another episode of Secret Knowledge, our Logic Pro video tutorial series full of production tips, techniques and advice for Logic users. In this video, Shadetek shows how to create the classic wah-wah effect, commonly  associated with funk guitar, using Logic’s versatile AutoFilter effect.

In this video we’ll look at creating the classic wah-wah effect most commonly associated with funk guitar or bass.  If you’ve been following my videos you know that I never like to use things exactly as they’re intended and so in this case instead of making a wah guitar we’ll make a wah piano. The effect in Logic we’ll use to achieve this is called the AutoFilter. The AutoFilter is a filter which shapes the frequency content of a signal running through it by allowing certain frequencies to pass and cutting off others, depending on how it’s set. The wah-wah effect is created when we use a filter which moves over time. This movement can be achieved in a variety of ways, so in this video we’ll focus on using the envelope controls. – Matt Shadetek

Matt Shadetek is a DJ, producer and teacher based in Brooklyn, New York. He runs the Dutty Artz label with DJ /Rupture and will be releasing his second solo album The Empire Never Ended on March 26th 2013. Hear his music at mattshadetek.com.

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