Logic Pro X Tutorial! New MIDI Plug-ins – Arpeggiator, Modulator, Chord Trigger w/ Shadetek

In our first video tutorial exploring the recently released Logic Pro X, Dubspot instructor, course designer, and Logic guru Matt Shadetek takes a look at some of the new MIDI plug-ins including the Arpeggiator, Modulator, and Chord Trigger. Shadetek goes under the hood of Logic Pro X to reveal other hidden MIDI production tools and features.

In this tutorial, we are going to check out a few of the new MIDI plug-ins in Logic Pro X. Those who have seen my previous tutorials which use Logic’s Environment will know that while it’s powerful it also has a fairly steep learning curve. The addition of MIDI plug-ins now brings a lot of the functionality we would have previously used the Environment for into a much easier to use format. The plug-ins we’ll look at are the Chord Trigger, Arpeggiator and Modulator. We’ll look at some of the basics of how to use them, how to combine them and also a few creative workflow ideas. As s bonus, you’ll see how to change the grid division in Logic Pro X, a feature that is important to my workflow and that was tucked under the hood in the upgrade. It’s an exciting moment for us long time Logic users who now have a lot of new toys at our fingertips. Hopefully this video will help you get up and creating as quickly as possible. – Matt Shadetek

MIDI Plug-ins


A sophisticated arpeggiator plug-in that offers basic settings for rate, direction, and octave range as well as more elaborate options like note length and velocity randomization. Keyboard remote features allow you to control nearly all Arpeggiator functions with notes on your keyboard, making it a powerful live-performance tool.

Chord Trigger

Makes it possible to trigger memorized chords by playing a single MIDI key.


Use to generate continuous controller, aftertouch, and pitch bend messages. Includes a syncable LFO and Delay/Attack/Hold/Release envelope.

Matt Shadetek is a DJ, producer and teacher based in Brooklyn, New York. He runs the Dutty Artz label with DJ /Rupture. His second solo album The Empire Never Ended came out earlier this year. Matt Shadetek is also featured on the new remix compilation Geko Jones & Atropolis present: Palenque Records Remixed. Out now on Dutty Artz, the compilation contains remixes and club versions of songs by Afro-Colombian artists from the Atlantic region of Colombia.

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