Logic Pro X Tutorial – House Music Vocal Chopping Techniques w/ Matt Shadetek

In this Logic Pro X tutorial video, Dubspot Logic course designer Matt Shadetek goes over a technique to process a vocal sample through the ES1 instrument to create a rhythmic gating effect.

In this Logic Pro X tutorial video, Dubspot Logic Pro course designer Matt Shadetek shows you an interesting alternative gating technique to add some rhythmic, gated movement to a pitch-bent vocal sample. By setting the ES1 instrument’s sub oscillator to “EXT,” it allows you to use the ES1′s filter and ADSR envelope to process external sounds through the side chain input. By adding MIDI note data to that ES1 track, it tells the ES1 to only pass the external audio through when there is a “note on” message. You can also use (or automate) the ES1′s ADSR envelope to further shape the sound. The resulting sound is similar to the famous vocal lead line from “Pon De Floor” by Major Lazer. Check out Matt’s work on mattshadetek.com and follow him on Soundcloud.

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Logic Pro X Course Preview / Sample Lesson - In this episode of Dubspot’s UnFiltered series, course designer Matt Shadetek explains how to create three elements for a big room, progressive/electro-house style track using the modulation router in Logic’s EXS24 sampler instrument.

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What’s Included

  • Logic Pro Level 1: Shake Hands with Logic
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  • Logic Pro Level 4: Subtractive Synthesis and Effects Processing 2
  • Logic Pro Level 5: Advanced Synthesis Techniques
  • Logic Pro Level 6: Film, Game Sound, Remixing, and Artist Development

In this program, you will develop the technical and creative skills needed to write and arrange music in Logic Pro X. You’ll create unique sounds using synthesizers and samplers, and learn how to mix and process those sounds with Logic’s vast array of effects. You’ll begin by creating a series of short sketches which are then developed into a portfolio of arranged and mixed tracks over the course of six levels. You’ll also create a remix, enter an active remix competition, score a scene from a feature film, and add music and sound effects to a video game. This program will help you develop and express your creative voice as an artist while teaching you the skills necessary to create the music you imagine.

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