Logic Pro Video Tutorial: Playing Melodies w/ Vocal Samples

In this Logic Pro video tutorial, Dutty Artz label owner Matt Shadetek shows us how to create unique vocal melodies using Logic Pro’s ESX24 Sampler and Pitch Correction plugins.

In this tutorial, Logic Pro expert and Dutty Artz label owner Matt Shadetek shows us how to manipulate, re-pitch, and process vocal samples using Logic Pro’s ESX24 Sampler and Pitch Correction plugins to create unique vocal melodies. Using a stock vocal sample, Shadetek slices the sample to create individual notes and converts the audio regions to sample zones on a new Sampler Track. Delving further into the ESX24 Instrument Editor, Shadetek demonstrates how to re-pitch the isolated vocal samples to make them playable across the keyboard. He then utilizes Logic’s Pitch Correction plugin to refine the pitch of the samples to match the scale of the project. Lastly, Shadetek processes the vocal samples further by adding spatial effects and modulation to various layers to create a powerful sounding vocal melody.


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