Logic Pro Video Tutorial: Vocal Processing Using EXS24 + Pitch Shifter w/ Matt Shadetek

Electronic music producer, DJ, Dubspot Instructor and Logic Pro course designer Matt Shadetek explains and demonstrates some vocal processing techniques using Logic’s Pitch Shifter plugin and EXS24 sampler, and shows you how to create pitched-down and slowed-down vocal effects.

In this video we’ll look at how to create the pitched down vocal effect pioneered by DJ Screw which is popular in hip hop. We’ll explore two different ways to create the sound, the first using the Pitch Shifter plugin and the second using Logic’s EXS24 sampler. There are a few things we want to be aware of when creating this sound: we want the material to stay in key with our song and we want it to stay in time. Both approaches can achieve this and offer different strengths. Hopefully you’ll decide that one of them is appropriate for your project.

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