Logic Pro Video Tutorial :: Drum Synthesis w/ Ultrabeat :: Dubspot

Dubspot Instructor and Logic expert Evan Sutton shows you how to navigate the various sound design features and parameters in Logic’s Ultrabeat drum machine in this new video tutorial.  Ultrabeat is a drum sampler and synthesizer in Logic which allows you to sequence and sculpt unique drum sounds. Evan starts by explaining the three essential sections in Ultrabeat – mixer, synth section, and sequencer. He imports a standard Ultrabeat preset, Classic Electro Kit with samples, including an 808 style kick and drums which Evan then teaches us how to recreate using the Phase Oscillators, and changing the pitch, volume, and duration of the sound.  At the end of the tutorial you should have a good grasp of how to synthesize a kick and a snare from scratch in Ultrabeat.

For further exploration of Ultrabeat and Logic be sure to check out Dubspot’s new six level Logic Pro program designed by Dutty Artz founder Matt Shadetek.  In the six levels of the course, both in Dubspot’s new online school and physical classroom in New York City students will learn to create a four track EP, starting with a set of musical sketches and developing them over the course of six levels, refining their craft as they advance.

  • @jpalillo
  • 1/27/2011

Finally some Logic Pro Tutorials!!!!!!!!