Logic Tutorial: Layering Drums in Ultrabeat – ‘Secret Knowledge’ w/ Matt Shadetek Pt 3

Dubspot instructor and Logic Pro course designer Matt Shadetek returns with a new video tutorial series titled Secret Knowledge. In this third installment, Shadetek demystifies the concept of layering drums and shows some techniques to create unique and dynamic drum sounds with Logic Pro’s Ultrabeat device.

Layering drums is something I often find misunderstood by students.  If we layer two copies of the exact same sound, they will double in volume.  The same is true when we layer similar sounds, even if they are not exactly the same. Because people often think that louder sounds better, punchier, or more powerful, it can be easy to get confused. What we should really think about when we’re layering things is the unique contribution of each layer.

There are two things should evaluate about sounds we are layering. One is the textural contribution of each layer: is it a noisy acoustic sample or something smooth and synthetic? The second is the frequency contribution: is this sound contributing bass, midrange or treble to the overall mix? Generally speaking we want each layer to contribute something unique or different. For example there is not much point in layering two smooth subbass kick sounds together; in fact this will often create more problems than it solves. Once we learn to evaluate the contribution each sound is making like this, we’ll be able to come up with much stronger drum sounds. - Matt Shadetek

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