Launchpad :: Ableton Live Controller Explained in Promo Video

The official promo video for the Launchpad Ableton Live controller was released nearly a year ago, and due to popular demand – endless requests from Ableton Live users and enthusiasts, Novation (designer of the Launchpad, in conjunction with Ableton ) unleashed a nine minute tutorial video with “detailed ‘how to’ explanation of the original Launchpad promo,” deconstructing the original video, which is under three minutes.

It takes you through a step by step guide of every section outlining how you can recreate the promo track.

Now check out the original promo video for Ableton and Novation Launchpad:

Have you been using the Launchpad for DJing, performing, or producing? How has it improve your performance, workflow with Live?

  • Khry_Kdvr
  • 9/15/2010

Just reopened my brain to the Launchpad! Thnx Dubspot :)

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