Last Minute Gifts for DJ / Producers – TR-808 USB Drive, Mini Theremin, OP-1 Lego Kit +

We’re deep into gift giving season now, but if you haven’t finished your holiday shopping yet–don’t worry! We’ve rounded up some of our favorite stocking stuffers that will appeal to the DJ / musician / producer in your life.

Vintage Sampler / Drum Machine USB Drives

Can’t afford to buy your loved one a vintage TR-808 this season? That’s ok, you can get them a pocket sized re-creation that doubles as a USB thumb drive ($39 – $45 at AC Gears). Akai’s MPC, Roland’s TR-808 and E-MU’s SP1200 have all been miniaturized in PVC and tricked out with 16GB of storage capacity. The perfect accessory for today’s vintage enthusiast on the go.

Moleskine Audio Cassette Notebook

Moleskine is an Italian design company that produces some of the coolest notebooks around; notable customers have included Oscar Wilde, Vincent van Gogh, Pablo Picasso, Ernest Hemingway and Henri Matisse. This year the company celebrates the 50th anniversary of the audio cassette with limited edition versions ($14 – $20) of their small and large notebooks in red and green (in lined or unlined variety). With graphic cassette recorder graphics on the front and an embossed speaker on the back, this is a guaranteed win for your favorite audiophile.

Matrix Audio Qube Mini Speaker

With today’s mobile gadgets all equipped with 1/8th-inch stereo outputs, everyone needs a tiny speaker. Matrix Audio’s Qube mini speaker ($50 at Matrix Audio) fits the bill with its 1.5″ cubed dimensions (smaller than a golf ball) and three watts of power output. Cast in aluminum finish, Matrix Audio claims that “the Qube is loud enough to fill large room with rich stunning sound.”

Elenco FM Radio Kit

Help your loved one learn the inner workings of their electronic lust with this build-it-yourself FM radio kit from Elenco ($17.99). This kit will allow you to build a monophonic FM receiver with electronic autoscan while learning to work with printed circuit boards.

OP-1 Accessory Kit

If your significant other happens to own Teenage Engineering’s OP-1 synth, you can now mod it with some cool accessories that are sold individually ($15 – $25 each) through Teenage Engineering’s store and also at AC Gears in the United States. The Crank, Bender, and Brickshaft accessories each replace knobs on the OP-1 to add new functionality that includes the ability to integrate Lego bricks or Mindstorm kits into your music creation sessions.

Speaker Isolation Pads

While they won’t quite fit in a stocking, speaker isolation pads (such as the above Monitor Guards by Editor’s Keys $45) are an inexpensive gift that the home studio producer will appreciate. These small wedges of foam that sit between your speakers and the surface that holds them to eliminate unwanted rattling and vibration that can happen between hard surfaces and speakers.

Theremin Mini Kit

Think Geek have a great new stocking stuffer for the synth enthusiast this year: a pocket-sized, build-it-yourself Theremin kit ($39 at Think Geek) that is “super easy to assemble…but takes practice to master.” The instrument can be built in about 30 minutes with no soldering. It has two volume levels (no output jack, unfortunately) and it runs on four AA batteries.

Dubspot Gift Certificate

Dubspot Gift Certificate

And lastly, we always recommend dropping a Dubspot Gift Certificate ($125 and up) in your loved one’s stocking this year; highly recommended for up and coming DJs and producers everywhere. We offer a variety of gift certificates for music production and DJ courses ranging from one-off weekend workshops to longer in-depth programs. You can choose from one of the gift certificate ideas listed there, or pick from any of our course offerings and then call 1.877.DUBSPOT or email to order.