Music + Video Collaboration Project: DJ Kiva’s “Chief Among Chiefs” w/ Jawwaad

Dubspot instructor DJ Kiva and video producer Jonkerz collaborate on a unique music video inspired by our Visual Performance course designers V. Owen Bush and Benton C. Bainbridge.

“Chief Among Chiefs” from Houston’s Jawwaad Taylor and Dubspot’s DJ Kiva

One of the things we love about Dubspot is the way that the school brings together so many creative people from different backgrounds and sparks new collaborations and ideas, and the new music video from Dubspot instructor DJ Kiva is a great example.

Kiva recently completed a video for “Chief Among Chiefs,”a song from 2012′s Roll & Tumble collaboration with vocalist Jawwaad. “Chief Among Chiefs” is an intense exploration of the fusion of hiphop and dubstep featuring frenetic vocals that alternate between deep pitched-down rhymes in the chorus and lightning-fast prose in the verses. Recorded using Maschine, Reason and Ableton, “Chief Among Chiefs” harkens back to the deep UK dubstep of 2006-2007, with thick, wobbling bass and a refreshingly stripped-back approach to drum programming.

The video, shot and directed by Dubspot videographer Jonkerz a.k.a. Jon Conklin, features a retro cathode ray tube aesthetic inspired by the work of visual performance artists V. Owen Bush and Benton C. Bainbridge (the creators of Dubspot’s Visual Performance course) and their work with the Rutt/Etra video synthesizer. Jonkerz sought to explore the musical ideas in Jawwaad and Kiva’s single by experimenting with this classic video mangling technology, visually expressing the juxtaposed emotions in the vocals.

“The video explores synthesis as its primary theme, and the relationship between audio and video synthesis and distortion. The video starts with Jawwaad & Kiva taking shape from the distorted lines of a black and white TV, as if hijacking the airwaves, followed by a kinetic performance.” – Jon Conklin a.k.a. Jonkerz

You can hear the rest of the album on the Roll & Tumble site.

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July 20th, 2013 in NYC – Saturdays, 4:15–7:00pm
December 7th, 2013 in NYC – Saturdays, 4:15–7:00pm

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