Introducing Dubspot Kids DJ / Producer Program – Learn to Create and Play Music

At Dubspot we believe in opening the doors to musical exploration for young people–providing kids with the tools to express themselves creatively, be adventurous with technology, and build confidence.

Our Kids DJ / Producer Program is a fun educational program in which students learn about music by studying DJing and electronic music production. By mixing records with Serato and producing their own beats and sounds with Ableton Live, young students learn the fundamentals of modern performance and composition and are encouraged to express their creativity through music.

In this video, Dubspot instructors DJ Reborn and JP Solis take us through the specific courses that make up the Kids DJ / Producer Program:

Hit the Decks: DJing for Kids is where kids get to learn the basics of DJing, mixing and scratching vinyl records as well as digital DJing with a computer. At the end of this class, students will come away with their own recorded mix and fuller understanding of the fundamentals involved in DJing.

The Beat Generation course exposes kids to the creative art of music production using Ableton Live, one of the most advanced yet most intuitive production tools available. At the conclusion of the course, students will come away with their own original song and one remix, produced in Ableton.

A serious, adult-level program in both DJing and production, expertly tailored to young students.

Hit the Decks: DJing for Kids

Mix, scratch, and DJ with Serato Scratch Live, and complete a recorded mix to take home. Get a taste for DJing by learning the basics of mixing and scratching. Learn how to use DJ gear through hands-on guided experience, learn to play and mix tracks in Serato Scratch Live. Get personal instruction at your own Mac creative station. Anyone can become comfortable with playing and performing music with the help of our expert training and unique curriculum.

Beat Generation: Music Production for Kids

Go beyond just listening! Make your own music and leave with copies of your first original productions and a remix. Explore music and create your own productions in a positive environment. Get a hands-on interactive tour of some of today’s leading music creation tools and build confidence in your artistic skills.

Kids DJ / Producer Program

Saturdays 10:15-am-11:45pm

January 5th to March 9th (10 weeks)
April 5th to June 15th (10 weeks)
June 29th to September 3rd (10 weeks)
September 21st to November 23rd (10 weeks)
December 14th to February 22nd, 2014 (10 weeks)
March 8th to May 17th, 2014 (10 weeks)

Dubspot NYC
348 West 14th Street
New York, NY 10014
(212) 242-2100